Taste of Health


Welcome! So glad you found your way here! Let’s get started with some questions about you:

  • Do you find yourself constantly trying new diets or starting over — only to fall off after a few days or weeks?
  • Do you ever skip events — even celebrations —to avoid being around high-calorie foods that could derail your diet?
  • Do you struggle to cut through the conflicting health info, just wanting something that works for your body and lifestyle?
  • Do you ever find yourself overeating or feeling powerless to cravings?
  • Do you feel like your lifestyle makes healthy eating especially challenging, given how busy or social you are?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you spend way to much of your precious time thinking about food?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, Taste of Health coaching was designed for you!


I offer a program that is a whole-lifestyle approach to breaking free of yo-yo dieting, overcoming emotional eating, landing at your healthiest weight, and establishing a healthy life that brings you joy.


  • How to eat in a way that makes you feel nourished and full of energy —so you reduce cravings, feel full between meals, and nix the temptation to diet
  • How to overcome emotional eating and work with your cravings — so you can have the foods you love (and actually enjoy them) without derailing your progress
  • How to design a life where healthy eating feels natural and effortless for YOU — whether you like to cook, eat out, work late, or travel frequently
  • How to rediscover confidence, appreciation and LOVE for your body — even if it’s been ages since you’ve liked what you’ve seen in the mirror
  • How to land at your healthiest weight while still enjoying the foods you love — whether that’s chocolate, wine, pizza or ANYTHING else
  • How to do the inner work to finally break the cycle of yo-yo diets once and for all — no matter how long you’ve been stuck in diets that don’t address the root cause
  • How to rewire the way you relate to food so you can experience joy, ease, and peace around it again — even if you’ve been caught in the grip of restriction for years


“The real aha moment for me was to not beat myself down when I chose a moment to indulge in something I typically do not eat. Instead, it taught me to meal prep, self-care and love the process through which I am going through. I had people begin to ask me what I was doing differently. My body changed, my skin began to glow, and I just felt better about myself. To say the least, I will never be the same after this class. I live by it. I preach it.”
- Kristina K.

"I loved your ability to translate info on both a simplistic and technical level. I never felt talked down to. Your enthusiasm is contagious!”
- Marie A.

“Jessica is engaging and inspiring and so knowledgeable! Like HOW does she have a tip for every. single. challenge I have?!!! What I love most are her ideas and how she somehow gets me excited to try EVERYTHING she suggests!! I have never felt more motivated to care for myself.”
- Michelle M.


I promise it will be the most inspiring and rewarding 4o minutes you have ever spent on your health.


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