Want to know if nutrition coaching is right for you?

Does any of this sound familiar...

  • Do you find yourself constantly trying new diets or starting over, only to fall off after a few days or weeks?
  • Do you struggle to cut through conflicting health info and find what works for your body and lifestyle?
  • Does your lifestyle makes healthy eating especially challenging given how busy or social you are?
  • Do you ever find yourself overeating or feeling powerless to cravings?
  • Do you spend way to much time thinking about food instead of just living life?
  • Have you been caught in this cycle too long — and want something that will finally last?

If you answered yes, you’re just the kinda gal I've designed my programs for. Here's how to get started:

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Get clear on what’s keeping you stuck, where you want to go, and how you can get there fast. If I can help, I’ll show you how. But if not, I’ll show you what can. The best part: it’s free and designed to help either way, whether we’re a fit or not.


kristina“Jessica taught me to meal prep, self-care and love the process through which I am going through. I had people begin to ask me what I was doing differently. My body changed, my skin began to glow, and I just felt better about myself. To say the least, I will never be the same after this program. I live by it. I preach it.”

- KRISTINA Kovalevich

"Jessica is engaging and inspiring and so knowledgeable! Like HOW does she have a tip for every. single. challenge I have?!!! What I love most are her ideas and how she somehow gets me excited to try EVERYTHING she suggests! I have never felt more motivated to care for myself."



Here’s what’s different about Taste of Health.

You’ll find a lot of programs out there that are either all food or all mindset.

The truth? It takes both.

What you eat impacts how full you feel, how satisfied you are by your meals, and how strong your cravings are.

But your mindset impacts your relationship with food, whether you're able to sustain eating healthfully or self-sabotage, and whether your habits keep you stuck or move you forward.

I believe food should be easy. The one thing that fuels everything else in your life, instead of bogs you down in mental chatter, keeps you gridlocked in a cycle of fighting cravings, or makes you feel worse about yourself no matter what you eat. That out of all the hours in your week, making healthy, delicious, satisfying meals should take no more than a few total. That it feels intuitive and effortless no matter how often you travel or where you eat out.

That it should mean JOY. That it reminds you of nights out with girlfriends. A happy family passing food around a dinner table. The best moments in your life: champagne on your anniversary, cake celebrating another year of life, and holidays when everyone is in town together again.

And that it should fit around your life. The thing about diets and meal plans is that they are one-size fits all. But what else in your life is like that? Your relationships, career, home, schedule, likes, taste preferences and family are all so unique and tailored to you. If you’ve spent the better part of your life trying to fit it into a prescriptive diet, imagine how different it would feel to wake up with a healthy lifestyle designed around YOU. Your schedule. Your tastes. Your lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle (that lasts) and a relationship to food that fills you with joy, freedom and ease. That’s why you’re here. That’s why I’m here.

Shall we do this?

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