Taste of Health


You want to feel confident in any outfit and ready for any trip, photo or big event at a minute’s notice. You want to instinctively know the best options, know matter where you go or how often you travel. You want to spend less time thinking about food, and more time on your passions, career and loved ones. You want to be as effective at eating healthy as you are in every other area of your life. You want to look forward to Mondays not for starting over, but because you love your life. You want healthy habits that stick, and food that makes you feel nourished instead of uncomfortable.

I help people break the cycle of diets and make healthy eating last. I can show you how to make it easier, faster and more enjoyable — no matter how busy your life.

Let’s get started…


If you’ve been trying to get a hang of healthy eating for some time but nothing seems to stick, you may benefit from a nutritional coach walking alongside you for a consistent period of time, supporting your journey, and helping you identify what’s keeping you stuck (and how to overcome it).

I work with clients privately through 4-week packages. After a brief (free) consult, I propose a few options for what we conquer each week—whether you want to master grocery shopping, meal prepping, navigating restaurants, finding healthy travel foods, overcoming emotional eating, or simply learning what to eat to look and feel your best. Each weekly session we dive deep, and I’m a text away the entire time because let’s face it: things come up. And I’m to support you until you feel confident in your new habits and thrilled to have reached your goals.