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Build a better relationship to food and a healthy lifestyle you love.


Done with Dieting

If you're tired of starting over every week, this program takes you through a step-by-step process to reset your habits and mindset around food, so you can finally find consistency with healthy eating. Tackle the mental and emotional side to food — where all diets fall short — with a nutritionist trained in eating psychology.

break the on/off cycle with food

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break the on/off cycle with food

break it down for me >

how to eat like a nutritionist

Healthy Eating 101

Learn the ins and outs of real-food nutrition to fire up your metabolism, boost energy, support weightloss, and feel your very best.

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how to navigate eating out

Navigating Social Settings

Feel confident, prepared, and at ease navigating restaurants, relationships, travel, and social dynamics with eating healthy.

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where to begin

Clean Living

Boost energy, beat brain fog, and support hormone health with this safe, effective, natural detox.

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banish bloat, burn & bowels

Improving Digestion

If you suffer from digestive aches and pains, this program will walk you through how to naturally improve digestion.


easy + simple meals

Real-Food Meal Plan

Are you ready to beat bloat, boost energy, and save time during your busy workweek with quick + easy  spring recipes?

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28-day guide

Mind-Body Reset

Feel more balanced and in control of your relationship to food with one step each day to jumpstart you mind, body, soul, and lifestyle.

Private Coaching

I open up a limited number of spots each month to private coaching clients. Schedule a free consult if you're ready to invest in your health and want custom guidance, accountability, and support to get there.

holistic nutrition & eating psychology

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"I now work with my cravings instead of trying to fight them. I no longer feel like the cravings have complete power over me."



“Not only are our images unreal, but the experience was just so damn fun from beginning to end. We loved it all.”

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