I help women who struggle with yo-yo dieting and emotional eating finally break the cycle so they can enjoy a life where healthy eating feels effortless, they naturally land at their healthiest weight, and they radiate with health, confidence and joy in their most fulfilling lives.



We believe a full life includes kale AND dessert. That even if most of the time we are eating nourishing, delicious meals, it’s also nourishing at a soul-level to indulge from time to time. To fully enjoy bubbly on a girls night or the richest piece of chocolate cake on our birthday. Because a life fully lived exists neither in deprivation nor perfection — it exists in feeling secure, at ease, and joyful in between.


We know that eating well is easier when the rest of our life nourishes us, too. We focus on caring for ourselves not just at a physical level, but at a heart, mind and soul level. We practice incorporating self-care in little ways. A good night’s sleep. A stress-reducing bubble bath. A good book. A glass of wine. We treat our hearts well so it’s easier to treat our bodies well.


We embrace the journey of body confidence and feeling at ease in our own skin. We work to speak kindly to ourselves. To see every stretch mark, scar, freckle, and fine line as evidence we have lived. We know our bodies are an outer reflection of our inner thoughts, emotions and habits, so we strive to work with instead of against our bodies.


We believe that a healthy life only stands a chance at lasting when it fits naturally with our real, true lives. That in our modern lives, it’s not realistic to cook ALL our meals or spend our time obsessing over what’s healthy or not. We eat healthfully in a way that works for our lives, no matter how often we travel, eat out or socialize.


Life is short. Healthy eating shouldn’t be taking up so much dang real estate in our minds. We celebrate the little things — how pretty whole food can be, the moment something clicks, the taste of a delicious seasonal dish, how strong and resilient our bodies are with all we throw at them. We discover little joys anywhere and everywhere we can.



5 steps to the healthiest, most confident you — free of diets and full of ease.