Summer Meal Plan


The 2018 Summer Meal Plan features over 30 delicious, filling, healthy seasonal recipes. The plan is designed to save you time — using everyday ingredients, simple recipes, specific shopping lists, meal prep instructions, and less than a few hours in the kitchen total for an entire week of healthy meals. 

Read below for more details about the plan, then snag your copy!



  • An entire month of healthy and delicious meals laid out… no planning required on your part!
  • Easy instructions. Ain’t nobody got time for complicated recipes!
  • 2 – 3 hours in the kitchen ALL WEEK for all healthy, real-food meals
  • Grocery lists so you know exactly what to buy and how much
  • Meals with simple ingredients + links to my favorite brands to save you time
  • All recipes naturally free of gluten (no weird chemical replacements)
  • Almost all recipes free of dairy (and easily adaptable for the lactose-free)
  • 30+ summer recipes for the freshest, easiest, most nutrient-dense food this season

Access these bonuses when you purchase the 2018 Summer Meal Plan:

  • BONUS: How to save 10 hours per week in the kitchen
  • BONUS: How to make meal prep fun
  • BONUS: How to keep variety to beat burnout with healthy eating
  • BONUS: The best places to find new recipes (whether you like to cook or not)

How it works:

  • As soon as you purchase, get the full meal plan right in you inbox so you can plan ahead + peep the recipes
  • Every Friday, receive the next week of the meal plan broken out, so you can meal prep over the weekend and keep momentum
  • Get specific grocery lists, meal prep instructions, and directions so you know exactly what to make
  • Revisit the plan whenever you want to re-boot, de-bloat, and look + feel your best

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