Taste of Health

Nutritional Coaching Package:
3 Appointments


Save $75 when you sign up for this nutritional coaching package. A package is the best way to ensure that — not only do you get a customized plan to look and feel your best — but you get follow-up sessions to help you stay on track, adapt as needed, cheer you on, and maximize your results.

In this package, you get:

  • Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to achieve your unique health goals
  • A discussion of your health wish list and history so we can customize our plan just for you
  • A review of your typical eating habits so you can get simple upgrades that fit within your lifestyle
  • Simple, delicious meal ideas, whether eat out most of the time or love to cook
  • 3 appointments of up to 60 minutes via phone or Skype wherever is most convenient for you
  • Unlimited email support. I am your biggest cheerleader and want you to feel it!
  • And so much more! I have unlimited resources I love to share once I know what will help YOU most.

Why a set of three? Experts say it takes three weeks to truly form a habit that can stick for life. This package is designed so that, one month from now, you can have solidified healthy habits, more freedom when it comes to food, a body you feel strong and confident in, and nutrition know-how that will last you a lifetime.

You’re worth the investment! I hope you believe it. I do.