28-Day Mind-Body Reset


True health involves so much more than food. To truly last, it takes dialing in your mindset, emotions, and lifestyle, too. In this 28-day reset, you’ll get one purposeful, fun step each day to reset your health from the inside out.

Week 1: Mindset
Week 2: Body
Week 3: Heart & Soul (Emotions)
Week 4: Lifestyle

It’s perfect for you if you want…

  • A more lasting and less on/off approach to healthy living
  • To reset your mindset/emotions around food
  • To feel more inspired and at ease with healthy eating
  • A healthier and happier relationship to food
  • To get out of a rut with food and/or jumpstart momentum

This reset is going to be one of the best things you do for your health: mind, body and soul. You will receive the full reset immediately upon purchase!


Why I Created this Plan

Every season, I love to create seasonal meal plans, but the more I talked to clients, the more I realized that those plans only scratched the surface of what was possible for women and food. Nutrition is just one piece of healthy eating — there is usually so much going on internally under the surface that impacts how well someone is able to stick to a meal plan to begin with.

So this plan is designed to address that: mental, emotional and physical health. To set the stage for true, lasting change with food. To reset habits, beliefs and emotions that might be sabotaging your success, or no longer serving you. To help you come out of the next four weeks feeling more centered, inspired and confident in your relationship with food.

How it Works

Each day, you’ll find one simple, purposeful step to implement in your life. Each week tackles a new aspect of a healthy relationship to food: mindset, physical, emotional and lifestyle. Think of it like a whole-body plan — a formula for success in eating, health and your overall wellbeing. You’re going to come out of it feeling so refreshed, empowered, inspired and confident! Scroll up to purchase. You’ll immediately receive a link to the reset, and be able to start Day 1 as soon as you wish!

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