Taste of Health

Praise for Taste of Health

“I’ve been trying to find a balanced way of eating for 50 years. When I heard Jessica say she customizes an eating plan and supplements to our personal needs, I knew I had, at last, the help I needed. Additionally she researched and gave me substitute foods that my brain and body loved!”

– Mary Ann Brookhart

“Thank you Jessica for putting all information and context together. I learned A LOT, and am positive everyone can agree in this Masterclass. You have encouraged, inspired and shed some light on how to make healthy eating a natural, everyday kind of lifestyle. I am ecstatic to incorporate all techniques, recipes and suggestions on a DAILY basis. I will be baking delicious, healthy yummies this season. I have sent an email to many friends to look into attending your January class. I know progress is coming my way when I have people asking me what I am doing because I am more toned, skin more radiating and look like a whole new person (along with working out!). So THANK YOU. This class was one of the best decisions I made in 2017.”

-Kristina Kovalevich

“Jessica is a badass. I have taken three of her classes and stalk her Facebook and Instagram daily LOL. She is engaging and inspiring and so knowledgeable! Like HOW does she have a tip for every. single. challenge I have?!!! What I love most are her ideas and how she somehow gets me excited to try EVERYTHING she suggests!! I have never felt more motivated to care for myself.”

– Michelle McLean

“What I loved most about the Masterclass was Jessica’s technical explanations for body responses to foods our body likes or doesn’t. We all know that sugar is bad but she explains the process, what amounts are tolerable, and how your body responds with an inflammation if not tolerable. Loved getting brand recommendations and all these delicious recipes that keep me inspired and eager to feed myself healthy options. The chocolate truffles are the bomb!”

– Elizabeth B.

“What I liked about the Masterclass is that there is so much misinformation that you were able to clarify for me. I was restricting myself from eating so many foods that I have now found I have missed. It was also helpful for me that you were/are so accessible. Having the videos handy so that I can go back multiple times to refresh myself on certain topics is incredibly handy.”

– Sara L.

“I loved taking your class! It was by far one of the best I have taken. I loved your ability to translate info on both a simplistic and technical level. I never felt talked down to. Your enthusiasm is contagious!”

– Marie Alexander

“Jessica Biber is a health food connoisseur and she is simply the BEST! She’s created a dream food menu for our women’s advocacy group event and delivered DELICIOUS, memorable bites for our membership. I appreciated her calm and delightful demeanor during our hectic event and she was very personable and professional. You would taste how passionate she is about her food! It was a pleasure working with her and she’s highly recommended!

– Sage Quiamno