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"People began to ask me what I was doing differently. My body changed, my skin began to glow, and I just felt better about myself."



“Not only are our images unreal, but the experience was just so damn fun from beginning to end. We loved it all.”

Will & Grace SAY:

"In other diets, I felt like one day ruined me, but loving how this new way of thinking is
more forgiving."


“You're an absolutely amazing coach: always kind and helpful, never judging yet looking for ways to make it work... for the first time ever, I feel like I could actually turn this into a lifestyle change!”


"Honestly, you did the impossible. I never thought I would be able to improve my relationship with chocolate and I did!"



“Before working together,
I wanted to be sure it would be worth the money and
I would actually make a change, since there are tons of options for nutrition coaches and diet plans out there! After working together for four weeks,
I now work with my cravings instead of trying to fight them. I no longer feel like the cravings have complete power over me. In addition,
I feel better and more positive about myself.
I no longer feel guilty or
put myself down whenever
I eat poorly. I incorporated more real, nutritious foods into my entire diet. Jessica is kind, non-judgmental,
offers good advice, and is easy to talk to."

natasha j.

“Jessica’s approach to nutrition is exactly what
I’d been searching for:
a healthy, balanced lifestyle that leaves room for real life. I was feeling stuck after a few big-life changes and she helped me get back on track, customizing her guidance to work with
my lifestyle and schedule instead of trying to have me change those things.
At the end of the program,
I felt educated and empowered, and was able to figure out a routine and system that is still working for me, months later.
I’d recommend Taste of Health to any one looking for a long-term, realistic approach to health — and solutions that will stick!”