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Can you believe it — we finally made it through winter and SPRING IS HERE! 💐 And that means fresher, lighter flavors. If you’re looking for a spring reset to look and feel your best — while actually spending LESS time planning, prepping, thinking about what to eat, scanning recipes on the internet wondering if […]

The Taste of Health Spring Meal Plan Is Here!

Everyone where I’m from (Seattle) is currently hunkered down in an uncharacteristic three feet of snow. Or, as one meme described it: “Winter is coming. The entire thing. All in one weekend.” In honor of a snowed-in weekend with no end reportedly in sight, here is my favorite easy chili recipe. It’s warming, nourishing, and […]

Warming, Nourishing Easy Chili Recipe

My philosophy with desserts is always: If you’re going to have it, enjoy it. There’s no point in guilting or shaming yourself over something you already ate, or not enjoying every morsel of something if you’re going to have it anyway. But since I save my treats for those moments, there are lots of times […]

3 Nutritionist & Bae-Approved
Healthy Valentine’s Day Desserts

Ook so around this time of year, salad just doesn’t cut it for me. Anyone else? I crave dinners that are warming from the inside out. BUT I don’t magically run into a lot of extra time, either. 😉 So meals like this check all the boxes. Healthy ✅. But delicious ✅. Quick and easy […]

15-Minute Meals: Easy Beef and Broccoli Recipe

You may have heard the exciting news: the 2018 Fall Meal Plan is officially available!  It’s full of 30+ healthy fall recipes, all free of gluten and refined sugars. Most are even free of dairy, and all are easily adaptable for those avoiding it. I thought you might want a sneak peek at all the recipes you DON’T […]

Fall Meal Plan: Recipe List Revealed

Usually around this time of year, I find myself with WAY more pumpkin than I ever intended to have in my kitchen. I’ve got pumpkin seeds, pumpkin puree, pumpkin jack-o-lanterns… and I’m not exactly sure what to do with ALL THE PUMPKIN. Well today, I’ve got an easy, cute little solution. These little pumpkin energy […]

New Recipe: Pumpkin Energy Balls

I love a good healthy muffin recipe (evidenced here, here and here, haha) because they just make mornings so easy while simultaneously feeling a little indulgent. Muffins with a cup of coffee feels less like a hectic weekday morning and more like a Sunday morning, breakfast hot out of the oven, a leisurely cup of […]

Summer Paleo Berry Muffins

This recipe is for hot summer days, when it’s too warm to turn on an oven, so the best dinner is one that takes just five minutes to make. It’s for evenings on backyard patios, when the only thing left to do that day is enjoy a plate full of fresh food and a glass […]

Cantaloupe Caprese

You may have heard the exciting . news: the Taste of Health Meal Plan is officially available! 🙌 It’s full of 30+ healthy summer recipes, all free of gluten and refined sugars. Most are even free of dairy, and all are easily adapted to be dairy-free. I thought you might want a sneak peek: HEALTHY SUMMER RECIPES […]

Recipe List: 2018 Summer Meal Plan

Did you hear? The Taste of Health Summer Meal Plan is officially available! 🙌 An entire month of healthy and delicious meals all mapped out… no planning required Easy instructions. Ain’t nobody got time for complicated recipes! 3 hours or less in the kitchen ALL WEEK Grocery lists so you know exactly what to buy […]

NEW! The 2018 Summer Meal Plan

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