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You unlock the front door and drop your purse to the floor. You lean your back against the door and look around at your empty place. All your friends are at a happy hour right now, and while you wish you could be there with them, you made up an excuse about some errand you […]

Why You Should Never Call Yourself a Binge Eater

Finish this sentence: When I’m my dream weight/size/health I’ll finally be able to __________. My challenge: GO DO IT. Yes, right now! Whatever it is that you think you have to wait for until you get to that magic number. There’s this paradox with healthy living that I’ve seen time and again with my clients. […]

Inspiring Self-Confidence Exactly As You Are (No Weightloss Required)

We’ve all been there: a long day at the office turns into a (few) servings of take-out at home, while our carefully prepared healthy dinner sits in the fridge. A stressful email turns into a trip to the vending machine for some candy while we sort everything out. A lingering to-do list turns into a […]

Stress Eating Cure: How to Stop Turning to Food When Stressed

Happy New Year! I gotta say, I love the magic of new years. The fireworks. The people bundled around the world to count down a fresh beginning. The cheer and resolutions filling up my social media feeds. But if it’s January 3 and you’re already thinking ohh s**! I already broke my resolutions, or are […]

What to Do if You Already Feel Your New Year’s Resolutions Slipping

Have you ever set out to start a new habit with all the best intentions, but even day one or two struggled to get it done? Ugh… the worst, right? It can be so challenging to translate what you know in theory into what you actually do in real life. But after decades of both […]

How to Make New Habits Stick

Can you believe it — Thanksgiving is just a week away! Although there is so much to love about Thanksgiving, in my conversations with clients this past week, it’s clear there is also some anxiety around the Big Day. And I get it. Because if every day is spent thinking about food and building a […]

Building a Healthier Relationship to Food This Thanksgiving

If you ever struggle with maintaining a healthy body image or self-confidence, today I want to share a little trick that works wonders. It’s no secret that we’re all bombarded daily by media, magazines and advertisements showcasing what the so-called ideal body looks like. Apps make it impossibly easy to Photoshop images in mere minutes […]

5 Body-Positive Instagram Accounts
to Follow Right Now

Halloween is a fun and festive time of year, but for anyone who struggles with emotional eating, it can also be a touch bitter sweet. (See what I did there. 😉) If you’ve ever found yourself passing by the candy jar a few (dozen) times more than you meant to, or polishing off a bag of […]

How to Not Binge on Halloween Candy (& how to Bounce Back ASAP if You Do)

The thing I am most, most passionate about is helping women design healthy lifestyles they LOVE — and can sustain for life. Because I have SO been on the other end of the spectrum. I have struggled through countless diets — the fast-metabolism diet, vegan, keto and everything in between — but the truth is, […]

How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle (No More Mondays)

If you’ve ever tried to stop food cravings in their tracks, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Drink a glass of water and you’ll feel better.” Which, yes, is probably true (because when is drinking water NOT good for you) but also probably a wee bit frustrating and/or ineffective. Today I want to share with you […]

Why Drinking a Glass of Water Doesn’t Always Actually Stop Food Cravings

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