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Ook so let’s talk weeknights. Notoriously next-level when it comes to healthy eating, right? After a long workday, commute, errands, and events, I totally get that the last thing most people have the time or energy for is whipping up an hour-long meal. As someone who *enjoys* cooking, even I can relate. So lately, my fiancé […]

My Favorite Hack for Easy Weeknight Dinners

One thing I know to be true for myself and many other women I talk to is that healthy eating is often the first thing to go when life gets busy. As such, one of the core tenets of my programs is that it’s essential to make healthy eating EASY. As in, meals planned and […]

My Favorite Healthy Travel Snacks for the Busy Lady Always on the Go

Finish this sentence: When I’m my dream weight/size/health I’ll finally be able to __________. My challenge: GO DO IT. Yes, right now! Whatever it is that you think you have to wait for until you get to that magic number. There’s this paradox with healthy living that I’ve seen time and again with my clients. […]

Inspiring Self-Confidence Exactly As You Are (No Weightloss Required)

It’s hard to believe we’re already closing in on another year! But I have to say, I do love this time of year. The coziness, the sweaters, the fireplaces, the traditions, the gifts… oh yes, the gifts.  😊 The older I get, my favorite gifts to give are ones that someone wants but wouldn’t necessarily […]

The 2018 Taste of Health Gift Guide

Have you ever rested the back of your head against the seat of a plane, relieved that you made it through traffic, security and a bustling airport… only to realize the onnne thing you forgot was to feed yourself? *face palm* Nothing can put a damper on the start of a trip like some lukewarm plane […]

The Best Healthy Travel Snacks

As much as I try, I am not naturally someone who loves working out. BUT. I do know how good it is for me, and how good it makes me feel, so I’ve picked up a few tricks over the years to get it done. These tricks work without a ton of time (because I […]

My Tricks for Getting in Workouts (Even When I Don’t Naturally LOVE Exercise)

Working with busy professional women (and being one myself), one of the biggest challenges I hear most often is how to eat healthy even when you don’t have time to cook. While cooking has its perks — like getting to know exactly what’s in your food and being able to choose the freshest, most local […]

No Time to Cook? The Best Healthy Frozen Meals & Meal Delivery Services 

Think fast: On a scale of blissed-out-beach-trip to root canal, how much do you love (or dread) meal prep? Meal prep can help you save money and loads of time, but if it’s not something you enjoy, it’s not a habit that’s likely to stick around. One of the keys to making meal prep a steadfast part […]

5 Ways to Make Meal Prep Something You Actually Enjoy

When you’re easing into a healthier lifestyle, it definitely helps to have a partner in crime. You can incorporate healthy activities into your day-to-day life, help each other stay accountable, and keep the momentum going strong when one of you isn’t feeling it. Below are ways you can make healthy living something that isn’t just […]

Better Together: How to Support Your Healthy Lifestyle with Your Relationship

If you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in a week, you’re in the right place. Between work deadlines, personal errands, relationship commitments and social activities, fitting nutrition into the mix often feels like the last thing anyone has time for. But we’re about to change that. Because you have big things to do […]

How to Spend Less Time in the Kitchen:
8 Quick Tips to Save 7 Hours

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