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NEW! The 2018 Summer Meal Plan

summer meal plan 2018

Did you hear? The 2018 Summer Meal Plan is officially available! 🙌

  • An entire month of healthy and delicious meals all mapped out… no planning required
  • Easy instructions. Ain’t nobody got time for complicated recipes!
  • 3 hours or less in the kitchen ALL WEEK
  • Grocery lists so you know exactly what to buy and how much
  • Meals with simple ingredients + links to my favorite brands to save you time
  • All recipes naturally free of gluten (no weird chemical replacements)
  • Almost all recipes free of dairy (and all with an easy swap for lactose-free lovers)
  • 30+ spring recipes for the freshest, easiest, most nutrient-dense food this season

I make these meal plans because I so deeply believe healthy living must be easy in order for it to be sustainable. That opening your fridge should feel like a sigh of relief — freshly prepared, delicious-looking (and tasting) food that you can grab-and-go at any time. A pantry full of healthy, satisfying snacks. Meals that take just a few minutes to make, with simple ingredients you can throw together.

But I also know that sometimes as you’re easing into healthy living, it takes a ton of work to plan out those meals. To know what’s going to keep you full and give you maximum energy for your busy life. That it can be hard to decipher which recipes are truly healthy, versus full of sneaky sugars, refined flours, and energy-zapping ingredients.

So I created this meal plan to help simplify. To let you know exactly what to eat, and when, with even desserts and snacks woven throughout. Because a healthy lifestyle that tastes delicious, is the simplest part of your week, and you can actually sustain? That’s what it’s all about.

When you sign up, you also get these fun bonuses:

  • BONUS: How to save 7+ hours per week in the kitchen
  • BONUS: How to make meal prep fun
  • BONUS: How to keep variety to beat burnout with healthy eating
  • BONUS: The best places to find new recipes (whether you like to cook or not)

Snag a copy of your 2018 Spring Meal Plan here!

2018 summer meal plan

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