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If you experience digestive issues, you may be wondering: what on earth can I do to help this situation out? You’ve likely tried various things, from eating yogurt to mixing collagen powder into your smoothies. #alltherage There are three key nutrients that I consider essential for any healing protocol. Get your notepad ready because they […]

Gut-Healings Foods: 3 Essential Nutrients to Improve Digestion

I was talking on the phone with a client the other day, and she posed what I thought was such a great question: how do you make meal prep feel more intuitive, less prescriptive? I found it so insightful because sometimes meal prep CAN feel like something that takes us out of our bodies or […]

How to Make Meal Prep More Intuitive

If you’ve ever taken the time to prep yourself a nourishing lunch for the workweek, then felt like eating anything else by the time lunchtime rolled around, you know how frustrating that can be. Eating healthy within a busy schedule requires a special dance between simplifying healthy eating enough to make it realistic, and infusing […]

1 Meal x 5 Ways: Save Time Eating Healthy During the Week

Hiya, gorgeous! If you experience weekly bloat, heartburn, irregular bowel movements, stomach cramps, or other digestive aches and pains, I’ve got something that will rock. your. world. The Digestion Solution: Burps, Burns & Bloat Be Gone As a certified nutritional therapy practitioner trained in the digestive system and gut health, this is an intimate, targeted, […]

[NOW OPEN] 5-Week Program to Improve Digestion

Avoid one-size-fits-all solutions. (If you really want to resolve YOUR challenges, that is.) Have you ever tried something that your sister / brother / best friend raved about? Of course you have — we all do! The only thing is, you may have found (like I have) that some of those things were only minorly effective […]

Digestion Hot Tip #5 | Avoid One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

While it seems counter-intuitive, you actually *want* your stomach to have stomach acid, and plenty of it. Here’s why. 1️⃣ Your stomach acid is the first line of defense for torching parasites and bacteria that might sneak with your food. 2️⃣ Stomach acid is what breaks food into teeny tiny molecules so they can pass […]

Digestion Hot Tip #4 | Stomach Acid is a GOOD Thing

If you live anywhere within a 100-mile radius of Whole Foods, you’ve probably heard the buzz about collagen and probiotics. And while those DO support gut health… They can also be fairly ineffective (except at taking your cash 😜) if you’re not also removing the things causing digestive issues in the first place. For example, […]

Digestion Hot Tip #3 | It Ain’t ALL About Collagen

Think fast: where does digestion start? If you said your stomach or mouth, you’re aaalmost there.  But it actually begins even further north, in your brain. Your body tends to operate in two states: 1️⃣ Sympathetic state: the alert, stressed, fight-or-flight state. 2️⃣ Parasympathetic state: the more relaxed state. Guess which one digestion occurs in? […]

Digestion Hot Tip #2 | Where All Digestion Begins

Contrary to what you may have heard… you are NOT what you eat. Yes, you read that right. Your mama had it *partially* right. In reality… You are what you DIGEST. What does that mean? It means you can have the most perfect, organic, veggie-filled diet, but if your body isn’t actually breaking down what you eat (digesting) properly… you’re not getting all the little building blocks of your food like vitamins, minerals, […]

Digestion Hot Tip #1 | You are NOT What You Eat

When I asked on Instagram which topic you were most interested in right now, you came in loud and clear: bloat, heartburn, stomach aches and pains… how do you resolve those annoyances and make digestion a smoother (ahem) process? Fun fact: my first certification (and first EVER live presentation) in the nutrition world was gut […]

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