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February may be the month of romantic love, but why not fall more in love with the beautiful, inspiring health queen YOU’re becoming? I hear from so many women that the more they lean into their health journey, the more it opens up in terms of self-love, beliefs, patterns, and self-talk. So, presenting… The 30-Day […]

[ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN] February Self-Love Challenge

self love challenge

One of my favorite ways to discover fresh recipe inspiration (and prevent burnout when it comes to eating healthy) is to try to recreate whatever I taste and love at restaurants. Sometimes it turns into a happy accident, and other times my fiancé Derek supportively shares in the leftover mishaps. 🙃 These bacon-wrapped dates were […]

Bacon-Wrapped Dates: The Perfect Easy Appetizer for Your Next Party

Smoothies can provide a megadose of nutrients, but they can also leave you feeling hungry without the right ingredients. I used to drink a smoothie first thing in the morning, but get frustrated when my stomach would start grumbling and I would crave something sweet an hour or two later. Once I learned more about […]

3 Easy Healthy Smoothie Recipes [PLUS!] The Perfect Smoothie Formula

easy-healthy- smoothie-recipes -formula-2

December always gives me all the feels when it comes to reflecting on the past year and calling in new dreams the following year. Since this is a big year — the end of an entire decade! — I thought it would be fun to share the process I use for setting goals, achieving them, […]

Setting Goals in 2020 for Your Biggest, Brightest Year Yet

setting goals in 2020

Many people go all the way from breakfast to lunch, or lunch to dinner, without any food between, but that often sets them up for ravenous hunger, energy crashes, and blood sugar swings (i.e. cravings) between meals. The solution can be as simple as adding a morning or afternoon snack. Here are three tips for […]

20 Healthy Snack Ideas in 5 Minutes or Less [No Meal Prep Required]


Happy Thanksgiving week, gorgeous! Many of the questions that came up with clients this past week involved Thanksgiving. Like… how do you navigate Thanksgiving when you’re trying to be healthy most other days? Should you just overeat that day or TRY to be healthy? How do you avoid any guilt or second-guessing that revs up […]

Healthy Thanksgiving Tips for More Presence & Pleasure

healthy thanksgiving tips

You may have heard the exciting news: the Fall Meal Plan is officially available!  It’s full of 30+ healthy fall recipes, all free of gluten and refined sugars. Most are even free of dairy, and all are easily adaptable for those avoiding it. I thought you might want a sneak peek at all the healthy fall […]

Healthy Fall Recipes: The Fall Meal Plan is HERE!

healthy fall recipes

It’s that time of year: holiday treats take over the office, leftover Friendsgiving dishes fill the beak room… in short: unless you blindfold yourself walking through the office, it becomes much harder to simply not see the tempting treats in the workplace. But I got you, sister! Check out this week’s video for three quick […]

Healthy Holidays: 3 Tips to Navigating Treats at the Office & Beyond


If you’ve ever wondered to yourself… – What is the best diet? – IS there a right diet for me? – How do you tell? – Can it change over time? You’re not alone. As a certified nutritional therapy practitioner, I get this question all the time. In today’s video, I want to discuss whether […]

What Is the Best Diet?


If you’ve ever eaten a cookie and instantly thought to yourself… “Well now the week is shot…” “Might as well start over on Monday…” Check those thoughts, sister! I was caught in that cycle for years but the truth is, there’s a story going on there that isn’t serving you, and in today’s video, I’m […]

No More Mondays: Busting Limiting Beliefs to End the Stop/Start Cycle

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