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You unlock the front door and drop your purse to the floor. You lean your back against the door and look around at your empty place. All your friends are at a happy hour right now, and while you wish you could be there with them, you made up an excuse about some errand you […]

Why You Should Never Call Yourself a Binge Eater

Ook so let’s talk weeknights. Notoriously next-level when it comes to healthy eating, right? After a long workday, commute, errands, and events, I totally get that the last thing most people have the time or energy for is whipping up an hour-long meal. As someone who *enjoys* cooking, even I can relate. So lately, my fiancé […]

My Favorite Hack for Easy Weeknight Dinners

Everyone where I’m from (Seattle) is currently hunkered down in an uncharacteristic three feet of snow. Or, as one meme described it: “Winter is coming. The entire thing. All in one weekend.” In honor of a snowed-in weekend with no end reportedly in sight, here is my favorite easy chili recipe. It’s warming, nourishing, and […]

Warming, Nourishing Easy Chili Recipe

My philosophy with desserts is always: If you’re going to have it, enjoy it. There’s no point in guilting or shaming yourself over something you already ate, or not enjoying every morsel of something if you’re going to have it anyway. But since I save my treats for those moments, there are lots of times […]

3 Nutritionist & Bae-Approved
Healthy Valentine’s Day Desserts

One thing I know to be true for myself and many other women I talk to is that healthy eating is often the first thing to go when life gets busy. As such, one of the core tenets of my programs is that it’s essential to make healthy eating EASY. As in, meals planned and […]

My Favorite Healthy Travel Snacks for the Busy Lady Always on the Go

Finish this sentence: When I’m my dream weight/size/health I’ll finally be able to __________. My challenge: GO DO IT. Yes, right now! Whatever it is that you think you have to wait for until you get to that magic number. There’s this paradox with healthy living that I’ve seen time and again with my clients. […]

Inspiring Self-Confidence Exactly As You Are (No Weightloss Required)

We’ve all been there: a long day at the office turns into a (few) servings of take-out at home, while our carefully prepared healthy dinner sits in the fridge. A stressful email turns into a trip to the vending machine for some candy while we sort everything out. A lingering to-do list turns into a […]

Stress Eating Cure: How to Stop Turning to Food When Stressed

If you’ve ever eaten healthfully all day only for it to fall apart at dinner time, you know how important easy, satisfying weeknight dinner ideas are. Most people don’t have the time or energy after a long workday to spend hours (or even AN hour) cooking an elaborate meal. At the same time, a salad […]

14 Healthy Easy Dinner Ideas in 20 Minutes or Less

Happy New Year! I gotta say, I love the magic of new years. The fireworks. The people bundled around the world to count down a fresh beginning. The cheer and resolutions filling up my social media feeds. But if it’s January 3 and you’re already thinking ohh s**! I already broke my resolutions, or are […]

What to Do if You Already Feel Your New Year’s Resolutions Slipping

Today I have something fun and FREE to share! The 12 Days of Christmas — a fun email series with a step each day to help you navigate the holidays with more ease, freedom, and joy around food. Because I get it — the holidays are notoriously more challenging when it comes to food. The […]

Staying Healthy During the Holidays: A Fun + Free Email Series

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