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In our series on binge eating disorder, we’re taking a closer look at what constitutes binge eating disorder symptoms (versus just overdoing the brie cheese once in a while 🙋🏼‍♀️) and how to break the binge eating cycle. I’m passionate about getting this out in the open because in college, I got caught in a […]

Binge Eating Disorder Symptoms: How to Tell if You’re Binge Eating

In our series on binge eating, we’re diving deeper into what binge eating is, which symptoms to watch out for, and how to get the help you need if you struggle with it. In our previous blog post, we talked about how binge eating differs from an occasional episode of overeating, so today let’s dive into […]

Binge Eating Definition, Long-Term Risks & Top Tips for Help Today

If you’ve ever come home from work and practically inhaled a box of crackers and wedge of cheese before even realizing what you were doing… or brought home a pizza and wondered why you couldn’t stop after two (or four) slices…. or made a batch of cookies and proceeded to eat the entire (two) dozen… […]

What is Binge Eating & How Does it Differ from Occasional Overeating?

OMG. Stop the presses. Summer’s favorite food, maybe even the 8th wonder of the world, has arrived. Ok, so I’m being a little dramatic. But I just made this impromptu snack/breakfast/all things from now on, and HAD to get it out to you ASAP. While the peaches are ripe, the bees are buzzing, and weekend […]

Next-Level Peach Ricotta Toast with Manuka Honey & Smoked Sea Salt

I once heard a quote that’s stuck with me for years, that went something like: “You can tell a creature’s natural habitat by what brings it back to health.” It stuck with me all this time because, yes, it’s true for… Fish needing to be in water. Birds needing room to soar and stretch their […]

The Secret to Discovering What Brings You Your Best Health

This is my favorite simple, 5-minute ice cream recipe for summer. The version below makes a good base, but you can add all kinds of ingredients — lavender, cacao nibs, strawberries, mango, blackberries, peanut butter — to make a completely different flavor. (Probably better individually versus all together. 😜) This recipe is dairy-free and refined-sugar […]

Dairy-Free Ice Cream: The Perfect 5-Minute Sweet Treat for Summer

Here’s something that one of my mentors told me recently that’s made a big difference for incorporating new habits or reaching new goals in my life. The in-between discomfort is OK. For example… It’s OK that your mind wants to bounce off the walls when meditating. (Speaking for a friend. 😜) That your body instinctively […]

Embracing the Discomfort in Growth & Transformation

Packed with anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids, wild salmon is one of those foods it’s hard to overdo, and I try to include it in one form or another almost every week. Yet, I occasionally find myself tiring of the same old salmon and asparagus tray-bake, and looking for more creative ways to eat it. […]

The Easiest Gluten-free Salmon Burgers Recipe

For this week’s Mindset Monday, our series on all things mindset when it comes to healthy living, I want to share this article I recently wrote for the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, where I earned my certification in mind-body eating. Because, in my opinion, a healthy mindset around food isn’t the end goal, […]

Why Liking Food Too Much Isn’t the Problem — It’s the Solution

I don’t care what anyone says: when it’s JUNE, it’s summer time. None of this end-of-June business! I’m ready for endless sunny days, lighter summer flavors, and rooftop sunsets with a glass of rosé in hand. Speaking of fresh summer recipes… THE SUMMER MEAL PLAN IS OUT! Just released, perfect for the busy lady who […]

Honeydew Melon Mint Smoothie Recipe: All the Summer Feels

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