Healthy Habits

Know how to eat healthy… just can’t make yourself do it?

Do you ever feel like with all of your nutrition knowledge, healthy eating should be a breeze? 

I *so* hear that. One of the things I’ve learned about women who struggle with emotional eating or yo-yo dieting is that a lack of knowledge isn’t usually the issue — most of the time, they actually know FAR more than the average person.

They’ve read the diet books. 
Tried it out themselves.
Gone back to the drawing board a few dozen times.

My take?

The challenge is that nutrition persay is really only about 10 – 20% of the equation when it comes to sustaining a healthy life. One’s relationship to food is actually the lion’s share.

Think about it this way… if knowledge was really all there was to it, wouldn’t it be easy to follow any old meal plan on the Internet, instead of spiraling after a few days into a tub of Ben and Jerry’s? Wouldn’t this whole cycle have been mastered years ago after that first 200-page diet book? Wouldn’t it be easy to eat the dang salad packed for work, instead of dreaming about the pizza down the street?

No judgement here — I feel you, and have been there myself. But it’s exactly why I structure my programs to have nutrition as the foundation — a way to supercharge metabolism, detox the ole insides, minimize cravings, and get maximum fullness from meals. And the REST all about how to take that knowledge and turn it into a healthy relationship with food…

Break old patterns. 
Reframe limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs. 
Work with cravings instead of fighting will power. 
Identify and overcome triggers. 
Make it eeeasier in busy lives. 

If you’re a master of nutrition, you’ve got an important foundation set. If you’re curious about how to build a relationship on top of it that makes it sustainable for life, sign up for a free 45-minute breakthrough call here.

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