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It’s that time of year: holiday treats take over the office, leftover Friendsgiving dishes fill the beak room… in short: unless you blindfold yourself walking through the office, it becomes much harder to simply not see the tempting treats in the workplace. But I got you, sister! Check out this week’s video for three quick […]

Healthy Holidays: 3 Tips to Navigating Treats at the Office & Beyond

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself… – What is the best diet? – IS there a right diet for me? – How do you tell? – Can it change over time? You’re not alone. As a certified nutritional therapy practitioner, I get this question all the time. In today’s video, I want to discuss whether […]

What Is the Best Diet?

If you’ve ever eaten a cookie and instantly thought to yourself… “Well now the week is shot…” “Might as well start over on Monday…” Check those thoughts, sister! I was caught in that cycle for years but the truth is, there’s a story going on there that isn’t serving you, and in today’s video, I’m […]

No More Mondays: Busting Limiting Beliefs to End the Stop/Start Cycle

Truth time! Have you ever… Stared down a bowl of Halloween candy… Gone back for just one more piece until you’ve polished off a bag… Caught yourself calculating calories at a Thanksgiving dinner… Felt anxious in social settings or with family food dynamics… Wanted to enjoy a holiday treat without feeling out of control…   […]

You IN for the Holiday Health Hookup?!

Fun fact: In my twenties, I used to keep a bag of Hershey’s kisses in the glovebox of my car. I loved them so much that, Halloween or not, I could plow through a handful of chocolate morsels like nobody’s business. Once I learned more about nutrition — and the impact a few dozen Hershey’s […]

Healthy Halloween Candy: Melt-In-Your Mouth Paleo Chocolates

Have you ever eaten an entire bowl of food… then wondered, “Why I am I still hungry after eating?!” You’re in the right place. This is something I hear all the time from clients, and am going to break down for you today. The truth is, it’s not as simple as how much you eat […]

Why Am I Feeling Hungry After Eating?

Eating pizza seems like such an effortless thing, right? What could be better? But many of my clients express that it’s SO not that simple. And honestly, when I struggled with black and white thinking around food, I felt the same way. Something as simple as a late-night pizza often came with thoughts of… Should […]

How to Remove Food Guilt Around Indulging

Have you ever thought to yourself: “How does that person just have SO much will power?!” Whether they can pass by the donuts in the office, always make their 6 a.m. workout, or choose the salad over pasta at lunch… I totally get it. It seems like some people were just gifted the will power […]

Try This Will Power Hack to Work Smarter — Not Harder

As I opened up about last week, I remember my experience with binge eating like it was yesterday. I would wait until my college roommate went home for the weekend, then I would pick up large white-sauce pizza, a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and a few jumbo cookies. Without her watchful eye, the binge […]

Food Freedom Shift 4: Catalyzing Food Challenges into Transformation

Anyone who knows me well knows that I don’t do complicated when it come to healthy eating. Grab-and-go breakfast? Perfect. 10-minute dinner? Love it. As little ingredients as possible to still count as cooking? My kinda meal. But it’s not because I’m lazy. If anything, it’s because I work hard. And it’s the only way […]

Food Freedom Shift 3: Make Food the Easiest Thing In Your Life [VIDEO]

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