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It seems like every year, some new cleanse captures headlines. There was the maple cayenne cleanse that Beyoncé tried before her role in Dreamgirls. The leek soup diet from the bestseller French Women Don’t Get Fat. And I constantly see ads for 7-day juice fasts of all kinds from high-end juice companies. But me personally? […]

Why I Would Never Recommend a Juice Cleanse

Have you ever felt like you can be totally ON when it comes to healthy living — getting in your workouts, prepping your meals, drinking your smoothies — then one little thing can break your mojo and send you on a tail-spin for weeks? Maybe a coworker brings a box of donuts to the office. […]

Mindset Monday: Bouncing Back from Overeating

When I was first easing into holistic health and cleaner living, all the claims out there felt vague at best. I heard a lot of ‘your skin is your largest organ’ and ‘your skin absorbs everything you put on it’ but I wasn’t exactly sure how true those were, or how they translated into actual […]

Clean Living 101: How (and What) Does the Skin Absorb Exactly?

When it comes to clean living, one of the first places that I recommend my clients start is with FOOD. (Bet you didn’t see that one coming. 😜) Because yes, it’s fun and trendy to weave in some new exotic practice like ear candling. (Ear what? 😳) But really, when all is working as it […]

This One Simple Thing That Can Make Everything You Eat Healthier

I am SO excited to share with you this week’s blog post. This is from one of my clients, who is such a talented writer, and so inspiring in her healthy lifestyle. I know it will inspire you, as well. ❤️ _ _ _ How I Fell In Love With Healthy Eating by Kristina Kovalevich […]

How I Fell In Love With Healthy Eating

If you’ve ever wanted to detox but not been sure where to start, there are several natural, safe, and effective ways you can help your body detox day in and day out — without having to do anything drastic. When everything is working properly, your body is designed to feel full of energy and able […]

How to Naturally Detox: 4 Areas to Live Cleaner & Feel Better

In weeks like these, I feel so especially grateful for the inspiring women I get to work with, whose lives I get to be a part of, and the work we do together in The Binge Breakthrough, closing today. To break the on/off cycle with food so they have more energy, freedom, ease, and presence for what […]

An Open Letter to All the Women Out There Trying so Hard with Food

As a mind-body eating coach who helps women build healthy, more joyful and balanced relationships to food, below are a few of the things I hear most often from smart, capable women who are trying to break the binge eating, emotional eating, or yo-yo dieting cycle — and how to reframe if you find yourself […]

5 Mistakes Smart Women Make When Trying to Stop Binge Eating

Hello, my sweet love. Just wanted to let you know that The Binge Breakthrough is officially open for enrollment. If you’ve ever… Felt like, behind the scenes, food is secretly running your life. Yearned for balance… but feel like every time you try to have anything in moderation, one serving never ends up being enough… […]

Binge Breakthrough: Now OPEN

This post is part of our Spring Reset Challenge — a fun series designed to help you build a healthier + happier relationship to food, in honor of The Binge Breakthrough opening for enrollment and kicking off April 15! — The other night, I ordered in so I could continue working late, preparing for all the beautiful […]

Food Mindset Reset: Day 5

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