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The Digestion Solution: Burps, Burns & Bloat Begone

a 5-week program to REDUCE BLOAT, heartburn, and STOMACH PAINs — and naturally improve digestion

Do certain foods make your belly rumble like the fourth of July?

Are your pants so tight by the end of the day that you could pop a button (or three)?

Are there certain foods that make your heartburn flare like wildfire?

Are you sick of worrying about what to eat when you're out and about, waiting for the landmine that turns your tummy into a twisting, turning warzone of aches and pains?

Does this sound like you?

You want to be able to suck in all day long without sharp pains. To feel as good at the end of the day as you do at the beginning.

To feel light, clean, and clear day to day — without pesky brain fog slowing you down, or bloat making you feel like a swollen balloon.

To be able to go out without having to worry about something setting your digestive system on fire. To simply eat your food, enjoy it, then carry on with your day.

What you want...

As a certified nutritional therapy practitioner trained in balancing the digestive system, I will show you what it takes to improve digestion.

You'll learn what's going on in your digestive system, where the breakdown occurs for you, and where to begin with balancing your system and healing your gut.

When we're done, you'll experience less bloating, stomach cramps, heartburn, gassiness, constipation, and other digestive woes —  and have a roadmap for supporting daily gut health long after our time together.

I'll help you end the bloat, burn, and burps.

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And now, the truly important stuff...


Get to the root cause of your digestive issues. Know exactly where things go wrong in your system, and get a concrete path to improve them.

Have a better understanding of how digestion and gut health really work, and how to improve them both — not just as an infrequent cleanse, but as a way of daily life.

Reduce symptoms like bloating, brain fog, frequent congestion, irritable bowels, allergies, stomach aches, and other symptoms of an imbalanced digestive system.

Finally know what you can eat (and avoid) to look, heal, and feel your best — able to suck in without sharp pains, and eat without feeling swollen hours later.

As a result of this coaching program, you will...

Get a simple, effective strategy to improve digestion by up to 60% — before even changing what you eat. This tool not only reduces bloat, heartburn, and stomach cramps, but enhances nutrient absorption for healthier hormones, a stronger immune system, and less cravings.

6x nutrient breakdown

If you experience gas, bloat, heartburn, or stomach aches more than once per week, it’s time for some TLC to repair your system. Receive a custom plan including nutrition, supplemental, and lifestyle recommendations. Learn how to identify factors contributing to bloat, heartburn, gassiness, irregular bowels, stomach cramps, and other concerns. Get concrete steps to improve your symptoms starting week one — and every week thereafter as your symptoms improve through the program.

Custom Gut Health Roadmap

Take a symptom questionnaire — measuring 300+ symptoms — to identify where the breakdown occurs in YOUR digestive system. Is it your stomach, small intestine, large intestine, liver, or something else altogether? We’ll zero in and finally support the area causing issues, instead of applying an untargeted one-size-fits-all solution.

fast-action bonus 1: TARGETED Symptom Analysis

For five weeks, attend a live (and recorded) video training, where you can watch me share the week’s training and ask me anything you have questions about to tailor everything to you — at the fraction of the cost of private coaching.

Live Weekly Video Trainings

Access 6 step-by-step online modules walking you through how to improve digestion AND customize everything to your body, symptoms, and diet. Take everything at your own pace + schedule with a lifetime membership and access anytime, anywhere.

6 step-by-step online modules

This program includes...

Want help knowing when to eat, what to eat, or how to structure your meals? Get a fresh meal plan each week with simple recipes full of gut healing ingredients. Or, customize the plans to your lifestyle with a digital meal planning template. You'll not only be supporting gut health but reducing cravings, boosting energy, and feeling full.

GUT-HEALING meal planning templates

Get answers from me between your live trainings, discover fresh recipe inspo, and find support from a tribe of loving, non-judgmental people resolving the same challenges.


My favorite real-food recipes — all gluten-free and dairy-free — in this bundle of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and even nutritionist-approved desserts. You’ll never feel stumped for what to eat with these gut-healing recipes.


what it's all really about

better digestion

revisit at your pace & Schedule

lifetime access

based on your unique symptoms

custom guidance

SAMPLE MEAL PLANS & brand lists

RECIPES & plans

5 live weekly trainings + Q&As

live coaching

5 weeks of online modules

online program

You can finally get to the root cause of your digestive discomfort.

I can help you end the aches & get on with your (MORE COMFORTABLE) lifE.

Let's get started

Are you ready for a bloat, burn, and bowel breakthrough? Here’s how to get started.

1. Complete your investment here.
2. Within 24 hours, receive access to the program plus a welcome email with all the details.
3. Begin feeling better that very first week — or your money back.

bye bye bloat >


“I loved your ability to translate information on both a simplistic and technical level. I never felt talked down to. Your enthusiasm is contagious!”


“Not only are our images unreal, but the experience was just so damn fun from beginning to end. We loved it all.”

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