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"After working with Jessica for four weeks, I now work with my cravings instead of trying to fight them. I no longer feel like the cravings have complete power over me. In addition, I feel better and more positive about myself. I no longer feel guilty or put myself down whenever I eat poorly. I incorporated more real, nutritious foods into my entire diet. Jessica is kind, non-judgmental, offers good advice, is easy to talk to, and I feel like she had my wellbeing in mind every time we spoke. Jessica was so helpful and supportive in figuring out how to help me as an individual. She does not give generic answers. Instead, she will work hard and check/double check that you understand what she is explaining, and she always confirms that you feel like the suggestions will work for you. She is truly non-judgmental. Saying the words out loud about binge cycles can make someone feel self conscious, but Jessica made it feel like it was the most normal thing in the world. She was always available and accessible. After each week's call, I would think of questions for her, unrelated to our talk, and she would immediately respond with helpful answers."


“The real aha moment for me was to not beat myself down when I chose a moment to indulge in something I typically do not eat. Instead, Jessica taught me to meal prep, self-care and love the process through which I am going through. I had people begin to ask me what I was doing differently. My body changed, my skin began to glow, and I just felt better about myself. To say the least, I will never be the same after her program. I live by it. I preach it.”


"Jessica is engaging and inspiring and so knowledgeable! Like HOW does she have a tip for every. single. challenge I have?!!! What I love most are her ideas and how she somehow gets me excited to try EVERYTHING she suggests!! I have never felt more motivated to care for myself."


“Jessica’s approach to nutrition is exactly what I’d been searching for: a healthy, balanced lifestyle that leaves room for real life. I was feeling stuck after a few big-life changes and she helped me get back on track, customizing her guidance to work with my lifestyle and schedule instead of trying to have me change those things. At the end of the program, I felt educated and empowered, and was able to figure out a routine and system that is still working for me, months later. I’d recommend Taste of Health to any one looking for a long-term, realistic approach to health — and solutions that will stick!”