Hi, I’m Jessica.

I’m a certified nutritional therapy practitioner who helps busy professional women design healthy lifestyles they love — and can sustain for life.

I believe food should be the easiest thing in one’s life. The fuel for steadfast energy, feeling like a million bucks, and waking up healthy and full of life. And something that brings pleasure. Because I never want to feel like I’m healthy at the expense of girls nights, birthday cake or fresh pasta and gelato when traveling.

But real talk? I’ve been on the other side. For years, I felt so confused by all the conflicting information out there. I would read one health book or article after another, trying to decipher what really worked, feeling inspired for a few weeks before always returning to the same space. I used to have such a hard time mastering moderation, and would feel like the only time I was being ‘healthy’ was when I was being perfect.

Such a draining way to live, right? Maybe you have felt it, too. If so, I want you to know that it’s possible to find freedom, balance and even joy with food again. It’s partly food — making sure what you’re eating is real food that makes you feel full between meals, reduces cravings, and is actually something that sounds good to you. (No life of broiled chicken and broccoli for me, thank you very much.) But it’s actually mostly mental — resetting your relationship to food so cravings don’t feel so overwhelming, you finally overcome any emotional or stress eating, you know how to jumpstart momentum anytime and keep it going strong, and you can simply eat without overthinking every little thing about it.

My sweet spot is working with busy professional women because that’s what I was, and what I still am today. I spent years in corporate America while I studied to become a nutritionist, so I know exactly what it’s like to navigate an office full of temptation, to need meals that are easy to eat between a day full of meetings, and to have long days full of travel, commutes, extracurricular commitments and social outings. These days, I’m running a business full-time and beyond, so I need food that is simple, quick, and energizing for full days of clients, meetings, marketing, partnerships and more. It's tying all of these pieces together — the mindset around food as well as how to eat an easy, sustainable, modern way — that makes everything finally work, and I'd love to share the secret sauce with you.

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