Hey gorgeous! Cozy up with your favorite cup of coffee, and let’s get personal for a second, because it’s important for you to know who I am and WHY I’m so passionate about helping you find a lasting, effortless, joyful way of eating.


Anyone who knows me today probably has a hard time believing that I was ever the girl who obsessed over calories or struggled to maintain a healthy balance with food. These days, you’ll see me relishing an entire grass-fed beef burger, savoring the taste of dessert on girls nights, and sharing a bottle of buttery chardonnay on the rooftop in summertime.

But truth be told, it took me years to get there.

During a particularly challenging, emotional year in college without my usual support systems in place, food suddenly became a powerful stand-in. In just a few months, I gained 40 pounds, and found myself in a cycle that I didn’t know how to get out of.

I would constantly research new diets that promised instant results, fervently commit to following them before school breaks or at the start of a new week, then go crazy with all the foods that I knew I would miss once the diet began. The only thing is, the diet never lasted very long. Whether it was a stressful day, unexpected treat at the office, or a seemingly innocent dinner out with friends… it always led to a bite of something, and then all bets were off.

Looking back now, I know it was neither all food nor all mental. The way I was eating — the non-fat foods or the sugary hits — were throwing off my blood sugar, hunger, and hormones, and making it nearly impossible to stick to any diet for any length of time. But there was a deep underlying element that the diets never addressed, either: why food had become such a gripping force, why I was eating to numb instead of nourish, and why I was treating my body like something to master instead of something merely reflecting my inner world.


The next 10 years were full of trial and error and — eventually — healing.

I used to wonder why it took me so long to discover nutrition as my career, when it was clearly something that I was interested in (and could've really used) years before. But now I believe it’s because I was being given the exact trials that my future clients would also face.

That to be the best coach possible, I would have to know what it truly felt like to feel powerless to overeating; to watch my wardrobe dwindle to one or two things that I could comfortably fit into; to hope that no one noticed how much weight I was gaining; to doubt my ability to make any diet stick with every single one that failed; and to look in the mirror and feel like who I saw just didn’t match who I was, or knew I could be.

And, importantly, to learn how to break the cycle in a way that REALLY works. Like 10-hour-workday, no-food-in-the-fridge, been-thinking-about-pizza-all-day works. How to work WITH instead of against cravings, no matter how strong. How to overcome emotional eating, no matter how many other approaches don't cut it. How to naturally land at (and maintain) a healthy weight, while still being social and living life. How to make healthy eating something that feels natural, effortless, and even fun.

In 2017, I became certified in Nutritional Therapy. I learned the science behind how to eat to feel full, balance hormones, reduce cravings, sustain energy, and achieve the best health possible — and how to help others do the same. (Ironically, it was all pretty different than what the diets had been telling me all those years.) It turns out that food was the last piece of the puzzle, not the first. It took all the other years of trial and error, discovery, and healing to complete the picture.

Today, I have the honor of coaching beautiful, brilliant women every single day back to a place of self-love, and eating in a way that gives them joy, ease, and health. Because what diets fail to mention is that it’s not about mastering just the food, or just the mindset, or just the emotions — it’s all of them, in a lifestyle that works for you and lights you up.


5 steps to the healthiest, most confident you — free of diets and full of ease.