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holistic nutritionist

Hello, and welcome!

I’m Jessica, and I’m so glad you’re here. I’m a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, which is a fancy way of saying that I’m trained to use food to make people as healthy as they can be. Food is just one tool out of many available, but given that it’s something we engage with daily and makes up every cell of our bodies, it’s an important one.

You may read more about my journey with food and how I became a holistic nutritionist, if you’d like. But suffice it to say that, at some point along the way, I realized that food is always in the backgrounds of our lives. It’s a small thing, but it impacts the big things: our energy, our moods, our focus, our ability to show up feeling good and bringing our best. And our relationship with it — our ability to enjoy it, to feel peace around it, to know what fuels or tires us — colors quite a bit of our lives. As I looked back at my own life, I noticed a correlation between my successes, struggles, and how I was engaging with food at that point in time.

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to maintain a diet or trying to decipher what’s healthy versus what’s not, I hope you’ll give yourself the chance to just… stop. To take a deep breath, honor where you’ve been, and reach out, because I’ve been there, and I have so much to share about what finally makes the difference. Things like how to make healthy versions of the things you love, so you can stop losing against cravings. How to make meal planning sustainable, enjoyable, and a natural part of your busy life. How to identify which foods make you shine, and which wear you out. How to reset your relationship with food so you can build a life and a body you love — free of food drama and full of health, passion, and happiness.