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8 Ways to Stay Sane with Social Distancing and COVID-19

how to stay sane with social distancing COVID-19

A Special COVID-19 Series to stay healthy,
stay sane, and help each other

Wherever in the world you are right now, I thought it would be helpful to support each other with a series on how to stay healthy, stay sane, and help those in need during this time. Hopefully, these posts offer ideas no matter which emotional state you find yourself in… and it’s ok if that changes hour to hour. 🙂

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Let’s kick things off with how to stay SANE, first and foremost. Because your focus controls whether you feel panic, stress, anxiety OR hope, possibility, and peace. In times like these, it can be so tempting to get sucked into the 24/7 news cycle. BUT if that only makes you feel hopeless, that’s not doing any favors for you OR your immune system. It’s important that you know how to take back your power, and with so many things OUT of your control, focus is the one thing that you CAN control and re-direct.

viruses are contagious so is panic fear hysteria calm love enthusiasm kindness joy choose wisely

8 Ways to Stay Sane With Social Distancing

1. Focus on the GOOD. The stories of people in Italy singing to each other every night. Of people in Spain working out together. Of people buying gift cards from restaurants or getting groceries for the elderly.

2. Check in with yourself. Every morning before you get out of bed, ask yourself what you need that day. Is it more alone time? A few minutes of fun today? A call with a friend? Check in as often as needed.

3. MOVE. Even if you’re stuck inside, make sure you take even 10 minutes to move your body. Not for weightloss persay but for a BRAIN SHOWER as one of my friends like to describe it. If an animal was cooped up all day, it would lose its mind. We’re not so different. 🙂 Get that blood flowing and endorphines pumping.

4. Pump a feel-good playlist. Spotify has free playlists like Good Vibes, Mood Booster, and Happy Days. (My favorite for cooking at home to oldies.) This little change can make a surprising difference! Similarly, nix the melancholy tunes right now if they make you blue. It’s good to feel and process your feelings, but if the soundtrack you’re playing on repeat keeps you stuck feeling stuck… try turning the beat around, sister!

5. Define what this time can mean for YOU. Is it ideal staying at home all day every day? Nope. But when I look back on this time, I want to remember it as best as possible. As a time when I cooked nourishing meals. Did workouts in my living room. Got more time to build my business and maybe even a hobby or two. I always coach my clients to define what they want the outcome to be with food going into a social situation, and you can do the same for yourself in this scenario. Just return to it whenever you veer too far off.

6. LAUGH. The internet can really come through in times like these. People are so funny and creative and memes can seriously lighten the mood. AND by the way, boost your immune system. Win win. Watch funny videos, bloopers, or even cat + cucumber videos before bed or when stress creeps in. Whatever does it for ya.

7. Practice gratitude. This one is KEY. Some moments and conversations have made me feel overwhelmed and powerless, but what I practice in those situations is returning my focus to gratitude. I find it to be the fastest way to raise my emotional state. There is so much to be thankful for even in this situation. My health, for one. Food, for another. Toilet paper, for another. 😉 Seriously though, not everyone is so lucky. Your brain can only focus and feel one thought at a time, so if anxiety creeps in, gently return to gratitude.

8. Go gentle on yourself. Ultimately, I believe fears are really just trying to protect us. It’s OK to feel them. To look at them with love, for trying to keep us safe. None of these ideas are meant to distract you from FEELING your emotions. Rather, let yourself feel them. Give yourself time to grieve. To wonder about the unknown. Give yourself the same grace and patience you would a friend. Just return when you’re ready. 🙂


I’ll be back later this week with posts on how to stay healthy when stuck indoors, and concrete ways to help those in need. Subscribe to be notified when these posts go live, and please forward this post to a friend if it might help. Thinking of you!

P.S. Want help navigating food during this uncharted time? Set up a free discovery call here. 

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