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[ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN] February Self-Love Challenge

self love challenge

February may be the month of romantic love, but why not fall more in love with the beautiful, inspiring health queen YOU’re becoming? I hear from so many women that the more they lean into their health journey, the more it opens up in terms of self-love, beliefs, patterns, and self-talk. So, presenting…

The 30-Day Self-Love Challenge

Every day in February, jump to your inbox for an empowering, confidence-boosting practice to…

  • Become more gentle and forgiving with yourself and your body
  • Reframe and reduce negative self-talk
  • Bust past limiting beliefs on being healthy (or anything else in life)
  • Make peace with your pace, timing and journey
  • Experience self-love and confidence as your default state


Get something new to look forward to each day with a mix of…

  • Excerpts on aging and body change that will help you see yours in a new light
  • Affirmations to integrate to feel more confident all throughout your day
  • Quotes that uplift, inspire and encourage
  • Exercises to break through limiting beliefs and self-talk
  • Recommendations for further reading to deepen your self-love journey


By the end of this challenge, you’ll feel…

  • Amazed at how much you’ve grown with fun small daily steps
  • More self-love, self-esteem and peace with yourself and your body
  • More confident in who you are now and where you’re headed
  • More gentle on yourself as you learn, grow, and evolve along the way


If you already feel like a confident queen, this is a fun way to infuse even more love, light, and fresh inspiration into your days! An email goes out every day for the month of February, starting February 1.

Click here to join us for this life-changing, enriching 30-day experience!

Questions? Message me here.

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