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Setting Goals in 2020 for Your Biggest, Brightest Year Yet

setting goals in 2020

December always gives me all the feels when it comes to reflecting on the past year and calling in new dreams the following year. Since this is a big year — the end of an entire decade! — I thought it would be fun to share the process I use for setting goals, achieving them, and actually feeling inspired along the way. Because it’s one thing to set goals — it’s another to achieve them without burning out before you get there, right? Here’s the process I use and often expand on with my nutrition coaching clients.

Setting Goals, Achieving Them & Feeling Inspired Along the Way

1. Get super clear on your dream.

First, consider WHAT you want to achieve. You can’t claim it until you name it, sister! What do you want to call into your life in 2020? Do you want to lose weight, travel more, or meet new people? Then, take it a step further and define some specifics around your vision.

Losing weight is a good start, but do you want to lose 10 pounds, 20 pounds, or 100 pounds? Traveling more is a worthy endeavor, but do you want to visit one new city, one new country, or five of each? Meeting new people is fulfilling, but are you looking for a new relationship, a new girlfriend, or a work mastermind?

Where attention goes, energy flows. So dream up as specific, juicy, and measurable of a goal as possible.

2. Define the small steps that would help you get there.

Next, break your goal into smaller chunks. Losing 20 pounds can feel overwhelming, but less so if you break it into the small daily actions that make it possible, like getting in 20 minutes of physical activity, drinking eight glasses of water, or upgrading refined sugars to unrefined versions.

Same goes for the other examples. With traveling, maybe your first step is deciding on the cities you want to go to, or  setting aside $10 or $20 each week for travel expenses. If you want to meet more people, maybe your small steps are to sign up for a dating profile, browse EventBrite for a local meet-up, or strike up a conversation with someone after a fitness class.

What takes goals from feeling big, hairy, and overwhelming, into totally doable, is breaking them into smaller pieces. You will build positive momentum each and every time you cross something off your list. If something sounds too intimidating, break it up even smaller. Email by email, search by search, and introduction by introduction, you’ll get there.

You can’t control how fast new relationships come into your life, or how quickly the weight falls off, but by taking daily inspired action, you can feel inspired and empowered every step of the way.

3. Celebrate the little wins.

Speaking of, it’s essential to celebrate the little victories along the way to your goal. Otherwise, you’ll burn out and feel defeated and resentful until the one day you arrive at your goal… and feeling like that, it’s much less likely that you’ll make it at all. So consider what works best for your personality.

Do lists make your heart sing? If so, make a checklist for every day you get your physical activity in. Or transfer your small steps into list form, so you can get the satisfaction of checking the box each time you inch closer to your travel plans.

Do rewards really get you going? Decide on something that will encourage you to keep your sights on your goal. Maybe every ten workouts warrants a new workout top. Maybe every twenty earns you a pedicure for those hard-working toes. Gamifying the experience with rewards as you reach certain milestones can make habit change feel fun and exciting.

4. Identify where you’ve tripped up before.

Setting new goals and mapping them out can feel fun and inspiring. It’s easy to get swept up in the goal-setting process without realizing that you’ve likely been there before, and SOMETHING caused you to fizzle out. Instead of hoping the same trigger doesn’t wreak havoc on your best laid plans again, take a spotlight to it. What tripped you up? What always gets you? A busy day? A sleepy morning? A few weeks in? Fear?

Whatever it is, call it out. Then, consider what would help you get around it once and for all. Do you need support and accountability? To set up your home for success? To change something up in your schedule? A health coach to set a clear path, or simplify healthy eating around your life so you don’t burnout?

This is the decade where you don’t have to fall into the same pothole! But it does take being honest with yourself, asking for help if you need it, and maybe even investing in a new future.

Ultimately, the same mindset creates the same ideas, which lead to the same actions, which lead to the same results. By changing your mindset, you can inspire new ways of thinking about the same old challenges, take new actions, and get new results.

Your biggest, brightest life in 2020

What’s your biggest goal in 2020? If health related, book a free discovery call to see what it would be like working together. But either way, let me know in the comments! I would love to hear what you’re calling into your life, and send some positive support your way. You got this, gorgeous!

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