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Healthy Holidays: 3 Tips to Navigating Treats at the Office & Beyond

It’s that time of year: holiday treats take over the office, leftover Friendsgiving dishes fill the beak room… in short: unless you blindfold yourself walking through the office, it becomes much harder to simply not see the tempting treats in the workplace. But I got you, sister! Check out this week’s video for three quick tips for healthy holidays — even with added goodies around the office, breakroom, or social settings.

1. Follow your regularly scheduled programming around meals.

While it might seem like a nice balance to eat less during the day to prepare for indulging later at a holiday gathering, in reality this only sets you up for overeating. Consider the difference in how you feel, think, and shop when you go to the grocery store ravenous versus satisfied. You’re WAY more likely to reach for #allthethings when you’re hungry, simply because your brain diverts its resources to getting you fed. That means more cravings, more temptation, and yep, more servings.

Counter-intuitive as it may seem, feed yourself balanced meals throughout the day. Include healthy fats, high-quality protein, and complex carbs at each meal and snack. That’ll help you operate with a clearer mind if you do sample a few treats. You’ll be able to do it from a place of enjoyment, rather than sheer hunger.

2. Find a healthy way to indulge.

I used to dread the time of afternoon that the chocolate craving would strike. I felt like I could go about my day making healthy decisions, but once 3 p.m. rolled around, it was a crapshoot. I just hoped that no one had brought donuts or cupcakes.

Then I discovered something that forever changed my relationship to food: I could find a healthy way to make or buy literally anything I craved. Suddenly, a chocolate craving was no longer something to wrestle with or avoid, but rather something to satisfy with upgraded, whole-food options. I began packing a couple of chocolate zucchini muffins for my afternoon snack, and magically I no longer felt the need to opt for whatever was in the breakroom. I could just go grab my nourishing version that I knew would satisfy my tastebuds, without crashing my energy or detracting from my health goals. (I talk more in depth about this in my programs, here.) Win, win.

3. Enjoy and move on.

But what about those times when you want more than JUST a bite? Then, enjoy fully. Choose only the thing(s) you truly LOVE. Slow down and savor so you feel satisfied, instead of risking lingering cravings by never actually experiencing the moment. And then, and this is key: focus on the REBOUND and not on the INDULGENCE. Just get back to eating how you normally do. Don’t wait for Monday or even the next day. You had a dessert you loved. That’s nothing to pay for. That’s not getting off track. Just keep on keeping on, and a holiday treat can be simply that. Something you love around this special time of year, that adds to it rather than steals any of your precious energy feeling regret, guilt, or shame about it.

So there you have it: three quick tips for healthy holidays that fill you with enJOYment, too. Which tip resonates most with you? Have the BEST upcoming Thanksgiving, love! 💋

P.S. If you love these tips, you would love our Holiday Health Challenge! One deeper dive into an eating psychology strategy each week to set your week up for success around this time of year, get your mind right, and navigate the holidays with ease and fun. Jump on in HERE!

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