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No More Mondays: Busting Limiting Beliefs to End the Stop/Start Cycle

If you’ve ever eaten a cookie and instantly thought to yourself…

“Well now the week is shot…”
“Might as well start over on Monday…”

Check those thoughts, sister! I was caught in that cycle for years but the truth is, there’s a story going on there that isn’t serving you, and in today’s video, I’m sharing a quick tip to unwind the pattern.

If there’s a pattern that you find yourself unable to break, it’s likely because there’s an underlying belief sabotaging your efforts. Thoughts like, “Well now the week is shot…” or “Might as well start over on Monday…” are BELIEFS.

And here’s the thing about beliefs: they’re neither true not untrue. They’re just thoughts that you’ve chosen to accept for yourself… and likely gathered lots of evidence to support. But here’s the other thing: you are in total control of choosing better beliefs that get you where you want to go.

One little trick that I like to use to check runaway beliefs is to ask myself:

  1. What is the story I’m telling myself here?
  2. Is it true?

For example, what is the story you’re telling yourself by thinking that the week is shot? You accepting a story that there are good days and bad days with food… that having a treat means you’ve somehow fallen off an imaginary wagon… that you have to wait to begin nourishing your body again… that there are even good and bad foods to begin with.

And is it true that you HAVE to wait until Monday to begin eating healthfully again? Heck no! Call that belief out right here and now. It’s absolutely NOT true that just because you ate one unexpected thing, you have to wait to eat well again. That you can’t live a healthy lifestyle that ALSO includes dessert. That out of 20 healthy choices you made that day, ONE gets all the power and attention.

There’s a lot in the world that you can’t control… but your beliefs are completely within your power. The tapes you play day in and day out inform how you feel, the decisions you make, the habits you create… and the health, relationships, confidence, and life you end up with.

If starting over every single Monday is no longer serving you to, take a look at the BELIEFS running the show behind the scenes. Check the story you’re telling yourself, whether it really serves you, and what you could choose to believe instead.

Watch the video to see the process I use for overcoming limiting beliefs.

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