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Try This Will Power Hack to Work Smarter — Not Harder


Have you ever thought to yourself: “How does that person just have SO much will power?!”

Whether they can pass by the donuts in the office, always make their 6 a.m. workout, or choose the salad over pasta at lunch… I totally get it. It seems like some people were just gifted the will power gene. And maybe that’s partly true.

But today, I want to share something I’ve observed about these so-called will power warriors.

It’s not JUST that they have incredible will power.

Or, that they have strengthened it over years of repeated efforts.

(Although both of those could also be partly true.)

It’s also that they engineer their environment for success.

If you’ve ever struggled to incorporate a new habit — let’s say taking vitamins in the morning — you know just how challenging it can be to remember past the first day or two. It’s not that you’re lazy or otherwise forgetful; it’s just that it’s not top of mind as a new habit. Your neural pathways aren’t used to going that direction, at least without fail, yet.

So instead of forcing sheer will power, memory, or energy, change your environment. Make it EASY to succeed. Put the vitamins right before your front door, in your car driver seat, or on top of your keyboard. Then, there’s no way that you have to rely on will power. Your memory will be jogged each time you see them, because they’re front and center. Simple, effective.

The same goes for even more complicated acts of will power. Whether it’s taking another street to avoid the drive-thru on the way home, putting snacks in your glovebox so you don’t arrive home famished and elbow-deep in crackers before dinner, or making grab-and-go breakfasts so it’s less tempting to opt for a muffin on your way into work.

I have a hunch that the real superpower of people who sustain healthy habits for the long-haul isn’t solely will power — it’s setting their environment up for success, so that they don’t have to rely on will power exclusively.

Watch the video, then cement the principle, by commenting below one thing that you will can do rely less on will power. And more on ease, simplicity, and smarts.

If you want help simplifying healthy eating and making it a more consistent, sustainable part of your life, I would love to talk with you! Book a free consult at

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