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You IN for the Holiday Health Hookup?!

holiday health challenge

Truth time! Have you ever…

  • Stared down a bowl of Halloween candy…
  • Gone back for just one more piece until you’ve polished off a bag…
  • Caught yourself calculating calories at a Thanksgiving dinner…
  • Felt anxious in social settings or with family food dynamics…
  • Wanted to enjoy a holiday treat without feeling out of control…


Then I have something for you that I am SO excited to share.

Starting before Halloween, right until Christmas, get a step each week to…

  • Be healthy and present while also enjoying your favorite holiday foods
  • Prevent mindlessly overeating at holiday events
  • More effortlessly navigate food and social dynamics at gatherings
  • Stop overthinking what (or not) to eat this time of year
  • Be able to enjoy a holiday treat and move on immediately with ease


You’ll receive an email with your next step, strategy, or tool every Monday so you can head into the week feeling confident, inspired, and empowered when it comes to food and your health.

You can join anytime to get access to the full 10 weeks of emails. Bookmark em, screenshot em, save em — they’re going to inspire, motivate, and improve your relationship with food this holiday season and beyond.

Sign up here.

holiday health challenge

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