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How to Remove Food Guilt Around Indulging


Eating pizza seems like such an effortless thing, right? What could be better?

But many of my clients express that it’s SO not that simple. And honestly, when I struggled with black and white thinking around food, I felt the same way.

Something as simple as a late-night pizza often came with thoughts of…

  • Should I *really* be eating this?
  • How many calories are in this?
  • Should I do an extra workout to make up for this later?
  • Is this even worth it?


In other words: indulging came with an enormous amount of guilt, energy, and brain power around something that I wanted to (and others seemed to) simply enjoy.

These days, I am a firm believer that pizza, pasta, and even wine can absolutely be healthy… Sometimes, even more so than salad.

But I do think there are things that help the process, and things that keep people trapped in the guilt, regret, and frustration cycle. Watch the video to learn a simple tool to ditch the food guilt… and experience indulging with more freedom, ease, enjoyment, and presence.

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