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Why Am I Feeling Hungry After Eating?


Have you ever eaten an entire bowl of food… then wondered, “Why I am I still hungry after eating?!” You’re in the right place. This is something I hear all the time from clients, and am going to break down for you today.

The truth is, it’s not as simple as how much you eat when it comes to feeling satisfied and nourished by food. In today’s video, I’m sharing an easy way to identify why you might still be feeling hungry after heating — even after consuming a reasonable amount of food. Click the video below to watch.

4 Reasons You May Be Hungry After Eating

Watch the video for an easy trick to remember these so you can scan through them when hunger strikes. Here are four common culprits:

1. You truly aren’t eating enough food.

If you calorie count, intermittent fast, or diet… plain and simple, you may just not be eating enough food for your body. This will always result in hunger, as your body registers food not as the enemy, but as the life-giving fuel to make your hormones, build your muscles, feed your brain, and sustain your life.

I often see clients who feel like they’re doing something wrong to have such an overwhelming appetite or urge to overeat, when really their body is simply hungry and asking for more food — whether because of how much they’re eating, how active they are, or how fast their metabolism is. Which brings me to the second point…

2. Your macronutrient ratio is off.

Think about the difference in how you feel satiety-wise after eating crackers versus steak. Maybe you’re able to down nearly an entire box of crackers without feeling much hunger kick in. Whereas with a steak, your body lets you know relatively soon when you’re inching toward discomfort. Even if you WANT to keep eating, you likely reach a point where your body says uh-uh, no more of this.

That’s because, while a box of crackers may actually have the same (or even more) calories than a steak, it has much less fat. So your body never receives the hormone signals to slow things down and stop eating. If you’re a grazer and often get through lunch subsisting on crackers or yogurt, this may be another case of simply not getting the right macronutrient ratios (fat, for example) to fill you up for long enough.

3. You aren’t getting enough variety.

Another consideration that’s often overlooked — especially among women who diet often or are otherwise health-conscious — is variety. You may love a good salad but… every day? Eventually, the same old foods will likely start to lose their luster, and be the reason for your snacky urges.

If you eat the same thing day after day… hunger may be less TRUE hunger, and more a sign that your body is bored with what you’re eating. That’s why you’re always hankering for the next snack or sweet treat, because subconsciously, your body isn’t plugged into eating, and needs some excitement to pull itself into the experience to register fullness.

4. Your feelings are driving the hunger.

Another common culprit is emotional hunger. We live in a fast-paced, high-stress culture, and eating can be a way . to soothe overpowering emotions.

Check in with yourself. If you’re not physically hungry but experiencing stress, anxiety, boredom, loneliness, or fatigue… your hunger may be arising from a more emotional craving. Your body will try to satisfy with food in place of nothing else, but in order to truly get to the root cause of that hunger, it takes satisfying the true emotional needs.


The good news is, all of these are completely resolvable, and things I see all the time. Most are actually relatively simple fixes. Schedule a free 30-minute consult to get to the root cause of any food woes, and find a more sustainable, freeing, balanced approach to healthy eating.

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