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Food Freedom Shift 3: Make Food the Easiest Thing In Your Life [VIDEO]


Anyone who knows me well knows that I don’t do complicated when it come to healthy eating.

Grab-and-go breakfast? Perfect.

10-minute dinner? Love it.

As little ingredients as possible to still count as cooking? My kinda meal.

But it’s not because I’m lazy. If anything, it’s because I work hard.

And it’s the only way I’ve found to make healthy eating practical, realistic, and sustainable in my life.

I don’t live in a world where I can carefully measure every morsel…

Spend an hour in the kitchen making lunch…

Make an extra trip to the store for some obscure ingredient…

No, no. I’m running a full-time (and beyond) business.

My days are filled with calls, trainings, meetings…

When I’m not working, I’m often on the go, traveling or meeting friends and family for a bite out.

And what I’ve learned about myself is that food is the first thing to go out the window when life gets busy.

IF I don’t make it easy.

IF I don’t have healthy options stocked in my cupboards.

IF I can’t just reach for my lunch, or make dinner in 30 minutes — or even better, 15 — or less.

IF I don’t actually look forward to the healthy food I’ve planned.

So for me, even though this shift isn’t as heavy as some of the others… we’re not talking inner transformation or feelings here… I do consider it non-negotiable.

When I make healthy eating the easiest thing in my life, it happens.

When I don’t, I have to work so much harder against old temptations, patterns, and habits.

The same may be true for you.

You could think you have a willpower issue… when really it’s simply a planning issue.

(What a relief — one is WAY easier to fix than the other!)

Or a lack of healthy options around you…

Or food that you actually look forward to eating…

Or little hacks that make it so simple that you can eat well, even on your busiest days.

You could think you have an energy issue… when really your body is just running on fumes.

Of high-sugar or low-fat foods that only keep you full for an hour or two…

That crash your blood sugar and then leave you rifling through the refrigerator for the next hit…

A latte for breakfast, and a yogurt through lunch, that would leave anyone else tired and ravenous by afternoon.

Imagine how saying that would feel: Food is the easiest thing in my life.

What would that give you?

A deep breath?

A sigh of relief?




It’s a game-changer, for sure. It was for me. It’s why I include it as an essential shift for building a healthier relationship with food. That simplifying healthy eating is even possible. That it’s not just possible, it’s KEY.

I would recommend looking for ways that you, too, can simplify healthy eating in your life. Whether it’s paring down recipes, creating grab-and-go meals, stocking your cupboards with healthy options, or infusing new recipes that you actually look forward to trying… it can all help jumpstart the process, and make healthy eating the simplest, most recharging part of your day.

If you’re looking for help building a more sustainable and simplified approach to healthy eating, book a free discovery call.

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