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Binge Eat? Here’s Why There is Nothing Wrong With You. [VIDEO]


Hey gorgeous! Today I want to let you in on a little secret.

I hear from SO many women who struggle with binge eating that, at some point, they secretly started to wonder if there was something wrong with THEM. Like…

– Is there just some issue with their will power?
– If they could finally give up sugar… would it all finally click?
– Why can’t they just push through cravings?
– Why do THEY struggle with this… when others seemingly don’t?

I remember that when I struggled with binge eating, I felt many of the same things. It was like this frustrating, maddening, inexplicable, unwanted force that seemingly took over when I could otherwise excel in life, work, school, and relationships. Even years after healing from binge eating, I struggled to make sense of it. There is such a culture out there of calories in, calories out, eat less, move more… that it felt like a failure on my part to not be able to control the binge urges. It wasn’t until I studied nutrition and eating psychology that it all made SENSE what was happening, and why the urges were so overpowering.

So if any of that sounds like you, today I want to offer you a message of hope.


In fact, you simply have a beautiful, healthy brain.

It’s really just trying to keep you alive.

It’s watching on/off mentality around food… and it’s thinking: FAMINE. Hang on to the calories. Jumpstart the craving sirens. Redirect all efforts into making sure she eats NOW — and eats a lot — because a diet is coming.

Which, of course, you experience as irresistible cravings and urges to binge. I bet, if you’re like me or most of my clients, you even do your best day in and day out to resist them with will power. To steel your will against cravings and commit that THIS time will really be different.

The trouble is, your body has all the resources in the world to redirect into keeping you well fed, since food is literally what sustains and builds your body every moment of every day. It’s not just in your HEAD that cravings get stronger — physically, they really do.

And will power that starts out strong in the morning generally wears thin by the end of the day from being so overexerted. Sure, you can say no to the cookies the first dozen times, but eventually, will power reserves start to wane. The more you say no, no, no, the less resolve you have for the next no. There’s actually a process at play here called Decision Fatigue, which is where your ability to make sound decisions depletes every time you have to use it. It’s why Mark Zuckerburg infamously wears his same gray t-shirt, so he doesn’t have to waste his decision-making power on inconsequential decisions earlier in the day.

So my message to you today is… take heart.

There is actually nothing wrong with you.

Your brain and body are wired from an evolutionary perspective to keep you alive and nourished.

Dieting, restricting, or obsessing simply trips the alarms.

Chin up, gorgeous. Watch the video below for a little pep talk.


If you’re looking for help building a more sustainable approach to healthy eating, book a free discovery call.

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