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Digestion Hot Tip #3 | It Ain’t ALL About Collagen


If you live anywhere within a 100-mile radius of Whole Foods, you’ve probably heard the buzz about collagen and probiotics. And while those DO support gut health…

They can also be fairly ineffective (except at taking your cash 😜) if you’re not also removing the things causing digestive issues in the first place.

For example, if you experience regular bloat, heartburn, brain fog, or stomach cramps… you can sip collagen in every smoothie, but you might still be consuming things that are inflaming your gut, and undoing your best efforts at healing your digestive system.

It’s kinda like patching up a window of your house (the collagen) yet at the same time throwing a brick through (the food causing the aches + pains).

One of the first steps to healing your gut is identifying what your offenders are. That way when you take your collagen or probiotics, you know you’re bolstering your gut health instead of merely trying to keep up with the damage.

To get a step-by-step process for improving digestion and getting to the root cause of what’s going on in YOUR body, join us in the next round of The Digestion Solution. It’s an intimate, hands-on, highly-customized program to balance your system and resolve the root cause of digestive woes. Join us here. 😘

P.S. More from this series: where digestion begins, why stomach acid is a GOOD thing, collagen ain’t all there is to a healthy gut, and why you’re not actually what you eat.

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