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Digestion Hot Tip #5 | Avoid One-Size-Fits-All Solutions


Avoid one-size-fits-all solutions. (If you really want to resolve YOUR challenges, that is.)

Have you ever tried something that your sister / brother / best friend raved about?

Of course you have — we all do!

The only thing is, you may have found (like I have) that some of those things were only minorly effective for your unique body, hormones, health. 

Fixing digestive issues with generic solutions is kind of the same way.

Someone might recommend a probiotic that is great for your gut. But if your stomach is where all the issues occur, it’s not going to do much for you.

Or you might drink kombucha on the daily. But if you’re still eating things your body is sensitive to, that gingerberry bucha isn’t going to do much to resolve the root cause of why you’ve developed food sensitivities in the first place.

To fix whatever digestive issues you have, you need an approach tailored to your body.

It’s why the first thing I do is give clients a symptom questionnaire to understand what’s going on in their digestive system, and where the breakdown occurs. Then, and only then, do we make a plan for food, lifestyle, and occasionally supplement recommendations tailored to them.

Take the symptom questionnaire, receive a custom analysis and recommendations, and set yourself up for healthy digestion and gut health long-term in The Digestion Solution: Burps, Burns & Bloat Begone.

P.S. More from this series: where digestion begins, why stomach acid is a GOOD thing, collagen ain’t all there is to a healthy gut, and why you’re not actually what you eat.

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