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Digestion Hot Tip #4 | Stomach Acid is a GOOD Thing

stomach acid

While it seems counter-intuitive, you actually *want* your stomach to have stomach acid, and plenty of it. Here’s why.

1️⃣ Your stomach acid is the first line of defense for torching parasites and bacteria that might sneak with your food.

2️⃣ Stomach acid is what breaks food into teeny tiny molecules so they can pass through your gut without tearing through it (a la leaky gut). AND be turned into hormones, bones, muscles, enzymes, etc.

3️⃣ Without enough stomach acid, your food hangs out longer in your stomach half digested, and holding up the process, covered in stomach acid sloshing up against your esophagus.

While it may feel like heartburn would be caused by too MUCH stomach acid, it’s actually more likely to be caused by too little or too weak of stomach acid.

Taking antacids lowers the strength of stomach acid, which DOES help reduce the burn, but often exacerbates the real issue, because it makes your stomach acid even more ineffective. (See 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣.) And round the cycle goes.

If you experience heartburn, bloat, or excess fullness after meals, these symptoms point to your stomach needing a little support to do its job more effectively. Check out The Digestion Solution: Burps, Burns & Bloat Begone to get to the root cause of what’s going on in YOUR digestive system, and help your system get back to balance. (i.e. less burn 🔥more digestion 💥) I’d love to help you resolve this!

P.S. More from this series: where digestion begins, why stomach acid is a GOOD thing, collagen ain’t all there is to a healthy gut, and why you’re not actually what you eat.

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