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Digestion Hot Tip #2 | Where All Digestion Begins


Think fast: where does digestion start?

If you said your stomach or mouth, you’re aaalmost there. 

But it actually begins even further north, in your brain.

Your body tends to operate in two states:

1️⃣ Sympathetic state: the alert, stressed, fight-or-flight state.

2️⃣ Parasympathetic state: the more relaxed state.

Guess which one digestion occurs in?

If you said parasympathetic state, you’re correct. In parasympathetic state, your body increases intestinal activity and relaxes sphincter muscles in the gastrointestinal tract.

That means… If you’re eating in stress, reading emails, or driving in traffic, you’re likely in sympathetic state — NOT digesting as well as you could be. Your brain is prioritizing blood flow to the brain and muscles, missing the memo to relax the body and do its best digestive work. Evolutionarily speaking, if you’re running from a lion, shuttling blood into your digestive organs isn’t exactly top priority.

To support healthy digestion, prioritize eating in a relaxed, present, stress-less environment as often as possible. Now, this might sound easy in theory, but try it today and notice how many meals you actually slow down for and feel present with!

If you’re looking to improve digestion and gut health, check out The Digestion Solution: Burps, Burns & Bloat Begone: a program to reduce bloat, heartburn, and stomach pains — and naturally improve digestion.

P.S. More from this series: where digestion begins, why stomach acid is a GOOD thing, collagen ain’t all there is to a healthy gut, and why you’re not actually what you eat.

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