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The Secret to Discovering What Brings You Your Best Health


I once heard a quote that’s stuck with me for years, that went something like:

“You can tell a creature’s natural habitat by what brings it back to health.”

It stuck with me all this time because, yes, it’s true for…

Fish needing to be in water.

Birds needing room to soar and stretch their wings.

We’ve all seen heart-breaking images of lions in a zoo, driven crazy by not being able to roam and play.

But isn’t it also so true for humans?

We spend so much time (with the best intentions) analyzing calorie ratios and macronutrients and the latest this, that, or the other.

But when you take all that away… what simply makes you *feel* your best?

What gives you energy?

Makes you feel light and strong and clean?

Makes your cells buzz with life and satisfaction?

What brings you back to health?


We spend so much time trying to follow the latest regimens… the cardio, the weights, the HIIT…

But when you take all the away… what makes your body feel free?

Where do you lose time in flow, and yourself in play?

What brings you back to health, not just technically but truly?


We spend so much time worrying about the right decision, the career, the next step, the rat race… 

But if you just step outside that for a second…

Which route makes your body breathe a sigh of relief?

Which one sparks a light in your eyes and heart?


For me, this has been a lesson I’ve kept with me always.

What brings me back to health?

Which food?

Which movement?

Which decision?

Because I believe there’s such thing as eating perfectly but it not being truly healthy, mentally or emotionally.

Such thing as exercising every day but it not bringing a body back to life the way it could.

Such thing as one path being right for one person but not for another.


And the way to know which is right for you is to observe, as if you were that sweet little otter in the wild…

What brings this body back to health?

What makes this heart feel light?

What gives this soul back its spark?

Which brings a brightness back to these eyes?

I believe, most of the times, that’s the answer.

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