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Why Liking Food Too Much Isn’t the Problem — It’s the Solution


For this week’s Mindset Monday, our series on all things mindset when it comes to healthy living, I want to share this article I recently wrote for the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, where I earned my certification in mind-body eating.

Because, in my opinion, a healthy mindset around food isn’t the end goal, although it often feels like it in the midst of an on/off cycle around food. But rather, it’s the beginning. It’s what unlocks the ability to take all the energy someone spends on food, and once it’s freed up, to redirect it into their careers, side hustles, families, dreams, passions, and lives. It’s why I’m so passionate about this — not because of nutrition persay, but because of what a healthy mindset around food does for the rest of someone’s life.

Here’s what I shared, below.


Why Liking Food Too Much Isn’t the Problem — It’s the Solution

I used to feel like enjoying food too much was a bad thing. Like if I let myself relish chocolate, or pizza, or pasta with abandon, I would lose control and not be able to stop eating. As you might imagine, this manifested in lots of challenging ways, from calorie counting to ever-present interest in the latest diet trends. I never suspected that allowing myself to actually feel JOY around food is what would, ironically, unlock a healthy relationship to it.

Here are three reasons why it may do the same for you.

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