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Are Your Words Creating Health and Possibility or Stress and Lack?


Perhaps because I’ve been trying to be more aware of this in myself lately, but… do you ever hear the words you’re saying aloud? I mean really hear them, enough to stop and choose differently if they aren’t what you would actually wish upon yourself, your health, your relationships, or your future?

The other night, wanting to decompress after a conference, I turned on the television, only to hear a woman complaining in a fitting room as she tried on swimsuits, actually telling her boyfriend why HE must be embarrassed of her body at the beach.

I shut it off and switched to Instagram, where I saw a caption of someone justifying all the reasons why his work was always overwhelming, exhausting, and all the promotions unfairly went to other people.

It made me think…

How would we talk if we knew — and really believed — our words were powerful?

Our words affirmed what we want more of in our lives?

Our words carried emotions that that makes us more positive and healthy… or negative and stressed?

Our words could create movements? Speeches? Novels? An idea or compliment that changes someone’s life?

On some level, I think we know this.

We would never seriously wish someone serious harm out loud. “I hope she dies.” Nope, never. Not really.

We would never declare ourselves to have a serious disease or condition that we didn’t want to get.

We never swear on our grandmother if it isn’t the highest truth. I mean, that’s just asking for trouble, right?

But then… we also let a lot slip by, don’t we?

We say, “I’m tired…” and allow our energy to plummet.

We say, “I’m so fat…” and feel our confidence drop.

We say, “I could never do that…” and never think twice, limiting our possibilities.

We say, “I never have enough time…” and raise our stress, defining our accepted norm.

I’ve been trying to catch myself lately — to not speak anything aloud, or even in my own head, that I wouldn’t truly want to call into my life. Because all words are thoughts, and all thoughts have an emotion or energy attached to them. I mean, you can’t yell out, “I suck at public speaking!” and simultaneously feel empowered to get on stage in front of thousands. You can’t say, “I’m ugly,” and feel confident and full of life.

Emotions and energy are one or the other: positive, or negative. They either uplift, strengthen, energize, and heal us… or deplete, tire, stress, weaken, and limit us. And so do our thoughts.

So… which one are your words and thoughts giving you?

What would you say if *all* your words had the power that you assign to some?

What would you speak into existence if every word was a wand?

What would you re-organize if you caught yourself saying it aloud?

Listen, even for one day, and you may be as surprised as I was.

Most words, they’re subtle. Most are tapes we play day after day, then wonder why our lives reflect them.

So, my loves, here’s to choosing better words, mindsets, and futures for ourselves.

To never saying anything about our bodies that we wouldn’t to our best friends, mothers, or daughters.

To never limiting our potentials by putting ourselves in a box that *we* create and allow.

To using words that speak higher levels of possibility, confidence, health, abundance, and love into our lives.

I believe you’re worth it. I believe you’re more powerful than you know. And I mean every word of that.

P.S. If this resonates, my mentor Gabby Bernstein is running a free video series right now that you may love:

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