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Embracing the Discomfort in Growth & Transformation


Here’s something that one of my mentors told me recently that’s made a big difference for incorporating new habits or reaching new goals in my life.

The in-between discomfort is OK.

For example…

It’s OK that your mind wants to bounce off the walls when meditating. (Speaking for a friend. 😜)

That your body instinctively wants to check email instead of embracing moments of stillness.

That your hand wants to reach for the cookie jar (or whatever your strategy of choice is) when a stressful situation comes up.

Just like brushing your teeth, if you’ve done something so many times that it becomes automatic, you WILL feel the dissonance when you try to do something different. Your body is running the automatic show and it’s gonna take a little extra TLC to train it differently.

And while I’m all for making behavior change as natural and effortless as possible… lately I’ve also found it *empowering* simply to recognize that discomfort and restlessness can be a normal and expected part of doing things differently. Of establishing a new habit. Of teaching your brain and body a new way of behaving. Of trading who you are for who you can become.

Yes, your body will want to do what it’s always done.
Yes, your mind will start thinking the way it’s always thought.
Yes, they will default to the same old tricks and patterns.

But every time you move through that, it’s a victory. 🏆
Every time you recognize it, you take back your power.
Every time you can sit with the emotions, they lose their hold.
Every time you can feel the resistance and move forward anyway, your body learns a new way of being.

Change — and I’m speaking only of the good, healthy, expansive kind — can also be uncomfortable in a good, healthy, expansive way.

Instead of fighting it… expect it.
Send love to it for trying to keep you cozy.
Move through it.
See what’s on the other side.

“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.”

Take heart if you’re moving and shaking things up in your life… and settle into the little butterflies and rumbles and grumbles as a sign your beautiful brain and body are taking notice.

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  1. Liz Biber

    June 23rd, 2019 at 7:27 am

    Wow, powerful words.
    This is a great daily affirmation.

  2. Taste of Health

    June 23rd, 2019 at 9:28 am

    Ahh thank you! ❤️

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