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Why Do Non-Toxic Products Actually Matter for Hormone Health?

As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I’ve dealt with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and so hormone health has always been something I’ve tried to pay extra attention to. Over the years, I’ve experimented with everything from birth control pills to acupuncture to herbal medicine to support regular, healthy cycles. And one area that I never realized was so inter-connected until I completed my certification in nutritional therapy (a holistic approach to nutrition and resolving the root cause of imbalances) is clean products. In case all you’ve heard before are vague explanations, here’s why it matters.

Most skincare and household products — from your sunscreen to your lotions, water bottles, and tupperware — are made with synthetic chemicals, plastics, or preservatives called parabens. All of those act as hormone disruptors. Essentially, each one of your cells has a little hormone receptor on it that hormones plug into, in order to give the cell the estrogen, thyroid hormones, or any other hormone it needs. The issue with hormone disruptors is that, to your cells, they look just like regular hormones. So the hormone disruptors tuck into the hormone receptor on your cells, starving your cell of the real hormones. It’s why sometimes lab tests can show up within normal limits for hormones, because your body has enough of the real deal circulating — it’s just that the real hormones can’t actually get into your cells to work their magic since an imposter is in their place.

Over time, that can lead to a range of hormonal issues from PCOS to hypothyroidism, endometriosis,  (Reading that, doesn’t it make sense why it seems like so many women have hormonal imbalances these days, since we’re all slathering our skin in hormone-disrupting lotion, drinking out of hormone-disrupting water bottles, and storing our food in hormone-disrupting tupperware.

Now, I’m not proposing that changing your skincare and beauty products is enough to resolve hormonal imbalances. That usually requires a combination of nutritional, lifestyle, and sometimes supplemental support. However, it’s very challenging to resolve hormonal imbalances if your body is constantly fighting a heavy load of hormone disruptors. It wears your body out producing more and more hormones, wondering why your cells are deficient. And it also takes valuable resources away to detoxify chemicals instead of pollution, bacteria, viruses, and everything else your body is doing to maintain its health day-to-day.

These days, there are *so* many options for cleaner skincare. It doesn’t take moving to a mountain somewhere and relinquishing all the serums you know and love. It simply takes knowing what to look for, and how to gradually swap out the products causing you harm for the products that take no extra effort by your body to process. I’ve compiled a 5-module self-paced online program — food, skincare products, water, and small daily detox habits — that you can use to ease into cleaner living. What to look for, why it matters, and recommendations for skincare, beauty, personal and cleaning products, water filters, food brands, and more. Get the whole program for just $149.


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