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Mindset Monday: Bouncing Back from Overeating


Have you ever felt like you can be totally ON when it comes to healthy living — getting in your workouts, prepping your meals, drinking your smoothies — then one little thing can break your mojo and send you on a tail-spin for weeks?

Maybe a coworker brings a box of donuts to the office. Or you go out with your girlfriends, and are feeling so confident and in control that you figure you can totally have a few tortilla chips… *just* a few tortilla chips, even if it always turns into a basket or two. Or you come home from a stressful day and figure a glass of wine won’t hurt… but before you know it, you’re elbow-deep in cheese, crackers, and chocolate as well.

If this has ever happened to you (and hello, you’re human, it’s probably happened to most of us at one time or another) today’s mindset tip will help you reel back in your power, so one little slip-up doesn’t cause you to undo all your progress for weeks on end.


With any challenging situation in life, although it’s useful in the food arena, ask yourself:

1. What is the story I’m telling myself here? (Or, what am I making this mean?)
2. Is it true?

For example, if you struggle with being all or nothing when it comes to healthy eating — swinging between perfection or finding yourself totally off the bandwagon — you may be making one indulgence mean that you did something wrong. That you have to be perfect. That you have to start over next week. That the only way to reach your health goals is by never making a mistake, ever.

But are those things ultimately true?

Heck no! Let’s look at the stories you’re telling yourself closer.

One indulgence means that you did something wrong.
Last time I checked, there is *nothing* objectively wrong with having a little cake. Lying, cheating, stealing — sure, wrong. But enjoying your life, let alone having something once along your health journey? Not true.

You have to be perfect.
You’re human. Which basically says in the job description: NOT PERFECT. Do you really want a lifestyle where you can’t make one mistake in order to succeed at being healthy? Of course not! Do you know anyone who is a healthy, happy person and also isn’t perfect? If so, that’s a story that’s also available to you.

You have to start over next week.
Since when? I mean sure, you could start fresh on Monday. But you could also start fresh tomorrow, your next meal, or this very moment. Grab a glass of water and choose the meaning that serves you.

Checking your runaway thoughts does a few things. For one, it allows you to take back your power, replacing the negative tapes playing in your head with a meaning that serves you. For another, it allows you to choose empowering beliefs that help you continue on your health journey, even when the occasional moment catches you by surprise. Ultimately, you don’t want healthy living to feel like a sentence; by choosing beliefs the help you get where you want to go and let you live your life, you’re able to make the occasional over-indulgence a non-issue as you live a healthy, balanced life.

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