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Food Mindset Reset: Day 5

eating psychology

This post is part of our Spring Reset Challenge — a fun series designed to help you build a healthier + happier relationship to food, in honor of The Binge Breakthrough opening for the next round of enrollment.

The other night, I ordered in so I could continue working late, preparing for all the beautiful souls joining The Binge Breakthrough. And I did something that years ago I would’ve NEVER even thought of, but these days I consider one of my secrets to success with food. When it was time to eat, I instinctively pushed aside my laptop, and gave full attention to what I was eating. Here’s why this little act works wonders.

Have you ever inhaled a bag of chips or a sleeve of cookies, only for it to feel like an out-of-body experience that you didn’t really… experience? Even if you were stuffed, it probably wasn’t long until you were craving something again, right?

That’s because speed-eating is kind of like speed-reading. You know how when you read too quickly, you start to glaze over and miss half of what you’re reading? Usually, you have to read the whole dang paragraph again just to get what’s being said.

Speed-eating is kind of like that. It’s no wonder that if you aren’t truly present for eating something, your body isn’t going to register that you ate, nor get the satisfaction from it, and you’re going to still feel hungry for something soon after.

So today’s little challenge is to bring yourself into the experience of eating. To truly SAVOR it. Enjoy it. Eat it slowly. A binge is far less likely to occur if you savor every single bite, because 1) your tastebuds will be satisfied more quickly, 2) it’s just not pleasurable to eat an entire cake bite by bite, slowly, and 3) eating slowly gives your hunger/fullness signals the chance to kick in. (It usually takes 20 minutes!)

Like many things in life, slow and steady wins the race.

We dive deeper on all things mindset, break the binge cycle, and take back your mental freedom in The Binge Breakthrough — open now! 

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