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Food Mindset Reset: Day 3

food triggers

This post is part of our Spring Reset Challenge — a fun series designed to help you build a healthier + happier relationship to food, in honor of The Binge Breakthrough opening for enrollment.

Here’s the thing about triggers foods.

A lot of approaches will tell you to avoid them.

But what happens then is your life gets smaller…
and s m a l l e r . . .
and smaller…

Pretty soon you’re taking different routes to avoid the donuts at work…
Making up excuses for outings with friends…
Not able to have a single thing in your house because it’s too tempting…

What I want for YOU, my love, is to be able to OVERCOME your triggers so you don’t have to fear them. So you don’t have to avoid the events, people, and foods you enjoy. So you don’t have to look back on a lifetime of memories, and in every photo see how preoccupied you were with food instead of feeling present, at ease, and free. So you don’t train your brain to associate certain foods only with overindulging, because it’s not used to being able to navigate them with moderation.

So today, what I would urge you to do is lean IN to your food triggers. Make a gameplan and face them, then take what you learn and adapt as needed for the next time. Feel whatever is on the other side of them. Check in with what’s really going on there, and what you really need. The less you fear triggers, the more your life opens up. Now THAT’S something worth celebrating! 🥂 Happy #friYAY indeed.


We dive deeper on facing and overcoming food triggers in The Binge Breakthrough — all about breaking the binge cycle and building a healthy relationship to food. Open now! 

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