Food Mindset Reset: Day 2

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This post is part of our Spring Reset Challenge — a fun series designed to help you build a healthier + happier relationship to food, in honor of The Binge Breakthrough opening for enrollment and kicking off April 15!

The truth is, there are almost always mindset strategies that can help someone’s binge eating, emotional eating, or overeating habits. BUT there are also usually also food things at play even — and especially — for the healthiest of eaters. I know that when you’re stuck binge eating, emotional eating, or overeating when you don’t want to be, food can feel like the enemy. But today’s mindset shift is:

Food is GOOD. 🙏

Skipping meals, avoiding fat, limiting calories, and feeling ravenous is the easiest way to fast track binge eating later on. Just picture the difference in how you grocery shop when you’re hungry versus full. When you’re hungry, you cruise the snack aisles, take a few loops through the sample stands, and end up at home wondering how you spent an extra hundred dollars on a few things you didn’t even KNOW were things. (Bacon Tic Tacs? Who knew!) But when you head into the grocery store satisfied from lunch, it’s way easier to stick to your list and choose healthy, nourishing options.

There’s FAR more at play than this (we go into more detail in my program, The Binge Breakthrough, open NOW for enrollment) but a way to check if you’re getting the right amount of meals, at the right frequency and structure that works for your body is:

– Do I feel hungry an hour or two after eating?
– Do I feel unsatisfied by meals… like I want something else after?
– Do I start the day eating lightly but give into cravings later on?
– Do I have intense cravings or an urge to binge?
– Do I have a persistent snackiness?

You shouldn’t have to feel hungry, ever mama. By eating at regular intervals and making sure your meals and macronutrients are balanced, you’ll reduce cravings, increase fullness between meals, help level out hormones, balance metabolism, and just FEEL better.

Food is GOOD. It’s all your body has to build healthy hormones, bones, nails, and hair. It’s what it uses to repair itself, to detoxify, to give you brain power, and your body the energy to build a big, beautiful life for yourself. 


We dive deeper into how to eat to feel your best, break the binge cycle, and build a freeing relationship to food in The Binge Breakthrough — open NOW for a limited time! 

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