Food Mindset Reset: Day 1

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This post is part of our Spring Reset Challenge — a fun series designed to help you build a healthier + happier relationship to food, in honor of The Binge Breakthrough opening for enrollment and kicking off April 15!

Today’s challenge is to observe where your attention goes. Because as they say, where attention goes, energy flows! For example…

So you ate the cheeseburger. And the fries. Oops, and the milkshake.

So you had an incredible day eating healthy… which ended in a glass (or three) of wine.

So you were doing great until you got home, when you ended up eating half a box of crackers and an entire wedge of cheese… while your dinner cooked in the oven.

Here’s the thing: minds have a tendency to focus on the ONE so-called BAD THING.

But who SAYS that gets more attention and credit than all the other healthy choices you make in a day? Who says the one cheeseburger counts more than the eight glasses of water you drank, and the green smoothie you had that morning? Who SAYS the accidental cheese dive cancels out the morning at the gym, the healthy lunches, and all the conscientious decisions you made before Thursday night rolled around?

With binge eating especially, there is such a tendency to have a black and white, all or nothing, on and off mentality around food. But that generally leads to a never-ending cycle of all in, all out eating, instead of balance, nourishment, and sustainable healthy living. So your challenge is today to watch where your attention goes, and whether or not you give yourself just as much fanfare for all the things you do right, as the ones you deem wrong.


We dive deeper in The Binge Breakthrough — all about breaking the binge cycle and building a healthy relationship to food. Open NOW for a limited time! 

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