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An Open Letter to All the Women Out There Trying so Hard with Food


In weeks like these, I feel so especially grateful for the inspiring women I get to work with, whose lives I get to be a part of, and the work we do together in The Binge Breakthroughclosing today. To break the on/off cycle with food so they have more energy, freedom, ease, and presence for what truly lights them up. It’s work I feel honored by, honestly. I always keep this at the forefront of my mind. I wrote this today for her. For you.

To the woman…

Who is still in it.
Who is trying so hard for her family.
Her husband.
Who has tried everything out there.
And still keeps hoping.
And still keeps pushing through doubt and frustration.
Who pushes down the voices inside.
Who believes something, one time, will work. It has to.
Who tries the spinach.
The low fat.
The high fat.
Who doesn’t even know anymore whether fruit is ok.
Or when butter in coffee became a thing. Or frankly, if it’s still a thing.
Who just wants to feel like herself again.
Who doesn’t see herself anymore when she looks in the mirror.
But who still has that glimmer of a memory that keeps her going. Trying. Hoping.
Getting up early.
Staying up late.
Doing everything for everyone in her life.
Who is silently praying for something to help her.
To really work.
Who knows she is worth it.
Even if sometimes, on her worst days, she questions it.
Who has weighed all the things.
From chicken, to broccoli, to herself.
Who has portioned everything out.
Meal prepped until she couldn’t stand the sight of tupperware.
Who doesn’t even like the damn egg-white omelettes.
Who has started over every Monday for the last 10 years.
Whose body has changed with childbirth, stress, laughter, and life.
Who knows this is a beautiful thing, really.
Tries to see it. Even if sometimes she struggles to.
Who just wishes of all things, FOOD wasn’t so hard.
Who just wants to break the cycle, for once and for all.
Who is so sick of calculating the calories in kale.
Of hiding on beach days.
Of dreading summer.
SUMMER, of all things.
Of forcing poses in photos.
Sucking in.
Not just feeling present.
At ease.
But who is still here.
Looking for a better way.
For her daughters.
Her partner.
I just want you to know…
I honor you. I see you.
I know how hard it was for me.
I can only imagine what it’s like for you.
Your stretch marks are stripes.
Your body a home.
For all the love you hold.
And create. And give.
Your challenges, teachers.
Little lights.
Unlikely guides.
Holding the space.
For you to grow.
To ask for help.
To try one more time.
To believe it’s possible.
To believe you’re worth it.
They know all you’re capable of.
And always have been.
That’s why it’s been so hard.
I mean look at you.
A force.
You’ve got this. Keep going.
It’s your time.


The next round of The Binge Breakthrough closes tonight at 11:59 p.m. EST.
It’s a step-by-step program to break the on/off cycle with food in 8 weeks.
And find a more sustainable approach to healthy eating.
Part holistic nutrition + part eating psychology. Self-love every step of the way.
If you feel called to join us, I can’t wait to give you a big welcome hug.

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