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Binge Breakthrough: Now OPEN

binge breakthrough

Hello, my sweet love. Just wanted to let you know that The Binge Breakthrough is officially open for enrollment.

If you’ve ever…

Felt like, behind the scenes, food is secretly running your life.

Yearned for balance… but feel like every time you try to have anything in moderation, one serving never ends up being enough… and usually ends in overeating.

Been so tired of obsessing over every last calorie, and wished you could just feel present and at ease around food, instead of mentally calculating every last detail about it.

Gotten irritable with your loved ones when you didn’t meant to be, or found yourself coming up with excuses to avoid social events because it just wasn’t worth the calories, social pressures, or mental turmoil.

Been stuck in a never-ending cycle of getting ready every vacation, summer, or reunion, or starting over every day or week — just wanting something that would finally LAST so you could get on with the rest of your life?

This is for you. If you’ve ever wanted to…

Be FREE of this food issue that takes up so much of your energy, thoughts, and life.

Be able to eat, then simply move on. You want to eat healthfully, sure, but also to enjoy nights out with your husband, wine on girls nights, and brunch once in a while — without feeling like everything has to be egg-white all-the-time. Without overthinking it.

Feel CONFIDENT. Like the gorgeous, vivacious, powerful, alluring, desirable women you are. You want to see his eyes light up when you wear that dress. You want to walk into a room and own it. You want to confidently apply for any opportunity knowing YOU are best the one for it, instead of sitting on the sidelines, letting other people get the things you KNOW you’re capable of — waiting until you feel good enough, ready enough, or worthy enough.

Be one of those women who can have food be part of their life — but not their whole life. Who has put the binge eating behind her, and can walk into the next decade of her life feeling confident, at ease, and free.

As a result of this coaching program, you will…

Feel confident, at ease, and FREE around food.

Look back on your binge eating days as a thing of the past. Know exactly what caused the binge eating, and what prevents it, so you never have to go back.

Be able to welcome back all your favorite foods in moderation, without them flipping an on/off switch that leads to overeating.

Break free from the on/off mentality and have a way of eating that you can finally find consistency with.

Never again have to feel the dread and hopelessness of starting over every day or week, watching in paralysis as the days close in on yet another summer, vacation or year, while you feel stuck in the same place, no matter how hard you try.

Feel confident in what works for YOUR body. More in tune with it. More sure of what works for you, without having to count calories, macros, carbs, or eat at a certain time of day. Get the fuel you need to look and feel your best — no more, no less.

Learn more and sign up here.

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