[LIVE WEBINAR] 5 Mindset Shifts to Break the Binge Eating Cycle

binge eating webinar

Exciting news! I’ve decided to host a free LIVE webinar about the five biggest things that I’ve seen help women break free from binge eating and emotional eating, even when they’ve tried everything. And you’re invited — yes you, gorgeous!

If you’ve ever wanted to move from frustration, overwhelm, and anxiety around food — into ease, freedom, and simplicity — this is made with you in mind.

  • The step-by-step gameplan my clients use to resolve the root cause of binge eating and reduce the urge to overeat before it even strikes…
  • How to enjoy carbs, chocolate, vino and any food you love, then simply move on… even if certain foods or social situations usually trigger overeating…
  • The exact steps my clients use to break the on/off mentality, stop starting over every week, and turn food into simply the fuel for their biggest, most confident lives…
  • Why just focusing on what to eat, or even eating intuitively, are usually NOT enough on their own, and the power combo that works for women who’ve tried it all
  • AND… how my clients do all of this in busy lives, without having to count calories, portion everything, suffer through another diet, or fight will power one more day.


This will NOT be an on-demand recording, but a live event where you can get your questions answered, hang out with yours truly, and see why this blend of holistic nutrition, eating psychology, and real-life simplicity works, even for women who’ve tried everything from calorie counting to the latest diets to good old fashioned will power.

Attendance is limited to 100 people per event, so I would reserve your seat right away if you’re interested. Hope to meet you there!



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