The 2018 Taste of Health Gift Guide

2018 gift guide

It’s hard to believe we’re already closing in on another year! But I have to say, I do love this time of year. The coziness, the sweaters, the fireplaces, the traditions, the gifts… oh yes, the gifts.  😊 The older I get, my favorite gifts to give are ones that someone wants but wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves any old day of the week. Pretty skincare, body scrubs, clothing, and even classes or good books. Below are items that fall into that — ooh that would be fun but I wouldn’t buy that for myself — category. Because sometimes the best gifts are ones that remind our dear ones how loved, worthy and deserving they are of all the good, fun and even frivolous in life.

mad hippie skincare

Mad Hippie Serums

I have been using this skincare line for over a year now and absolutely love it. I have bought it as a gift for several friends and family members, and after trying samples, some have gone out and purchased it immediately for themselves. It comes as a completely set which I love because it’s so user-friendly. (One serum in the morning… the other at night… no overly complicated routines that become just too complex to follow.) The Vitamin C Serum is my FAVE — it instantly brightens my skin in the morning. The Vitamin A Serum is an overnight one, and even a year later, I am still surprised by how soft my skin feels the morning after using it. And the Hydrating Nutrient Mist, which at first glance seemed a little overkill to me, always gives me the best dewy glow underneath my make-up. If you don’t want to buy the whole set, I love to give the serums as a set because they feel more decadent and gift-worthy than, say, cleanser. 😉

Ellovi Body Butter

I received this in the mail recently, then instantly wanted to share it with everyone. Most lotions are hormone disruptors (filled with chemicals that mimic hormones in your body, disrupt female cycles and/or require your liver to detox them instead of pollution, stress, alcohol… all the things you want it focused on instead) so the only lotions I use these days are ones with ingredients that I can recognize… if not straight-up eat should I want to. 😊 I typically use coconut oil as a moisturizer, but it’s nothing fancy. This Ellovi Body Butter is made of just six food-grade ingredients — that’s it — and smells like the most delicious vanilla. I have no qualms about putting it on my skin, and sharing it with all the women I love!

Bite Lipstick

In the theme of gifts that are fun to buy for others that they wouldn’t always pick up themselves… the $25 lipstick is the perfect example. Yes, we’ve all got a few lipsticks rolling around our purse or bathroom drawers, but how fun is it to use one in pretty packaging that makes you feel extra chic and gorgeous? Bite Beauty is another food-grade brand, which is so important for something you put on your lips that you are literally swallowing throughout the day. I like to purchase a pretty pop of color that I think my friend would look gorgeous in, but might not choose for herself. Then she doesn’t have to risk the money on it, but can save it for a day when she wants the little pump up that a good lip color can give.


I’ve been so glad to see this brand climb in popularity over the years. It partners with only ethical factories across the world, and the clothes are made with such high quality that you just feel extra fab putting them on. They’re the kind of clothes that will last forever, so even at a higher price point than fast fashion, they’re worth the investment. And how much better to give to someone you love, so every time she wears it she can think of you!


Ah! There are few things I love more than books. They basically take years of someone’s life, experience and challenges, and distill it into a few hours that you can apply to your life… without having to go through decades in the same muck. 😊 I use books to keep my mood high, sustain inspiration, run my business, study eating psychology, and grow every single day. A few of my recent favorites, which would also make fun gifts, include The Universe Has Your Back (and/or this gorgeous matching card set) or You Are A Badass. (I’m also a huge fan of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself… but the title might not lend itself to gift-giving as well.) 😉 If you’re unclear on which book one to get someone, you could always get them a subscription to Audible, so they can choose themselves and listen anywhere from their headphones.

Handmade Jewelry

As a business owner, I now know intimately how hard other small business owners work — the late nights, big dreams, challenges and heart behind them. So I love doing what I can to help others on the journey. One of my favorite jewelry designers is Natalie Borton. Besides posting super fun (and helpful) outfit try-on’s on Instagram every week, she also designs the most classic, simple jewelry. She comes out with new styles every week, all of which usually sell out in minutes. So you’ve gotta be quick, but it’s so worth it!

Four Sigmatic Coffee

This is another fun one that someone may not purchase for themselves, but is such a great gift for the coffee lover and/or health nut. I have been drinking Four Sigmatic coffee for a few years now, and love how it’s sourced from the best coffee beans, meaning less acidity and shaky side effects. Four Sigmatic coffees are also made with superfood mushroom adaptogens, which are essentially natural substances that help your body self-regulate itself. The fun part is you can choose various Four Sigmatic coffees for different effects — steady energy, or laser focus, or sleepy-time calm. (Use code TASTEOFHEALTH for 10% off.)

Fack Masks & Pamper Sets

I don’t know what it is, but face masks and at-home spa nights will never get old. (Of course, a real spa massage or facials are always winners, too.) But you can make the prettiest gift with just a few products. I love Herbivore Botanicals because all of their packaging (and their products) are clean, pretty and feminine. I love their Dead Sea Bath Salts, Coco Rose Body Polish and Sugar Scrub and Exfoliating Facial Mask, to name a few. Another brand you could use for this would be Youth to the People. I have been using their kale, spinach and green tea Superfood Hyrauluonic Air-Whip Moisture Cream and their maqui, acai and prickly pear superberry Hydrate and Glow Oil for a few months now, and even my fiancé started sneaking some because the effects were so amazing for dry summer-to-winter skin.


Not everyone wants to drop $30 on a fancy spinning or yoga class, so this could be the perfect gift to either get for someone. You could get them a class session and make a date of it together, or you could get them a month of classes in something they’re super passionate about. SoulCycle is notorious for really fun spinning workouts, while barre is a feminine, fun and killer pilates and dance-inspired workout. Even a yoga membership could be a great one for someone who loves yoga but mostly does it at home. You could even pair it with a cute workout top, yoga mat, sneakers or hair ties — so many brands have such cute styles these days that workout gear isn’t just a gym essential, it’s a fun fashion statement! Of course, all this stuff is even better if you can double up and make it something the two of you do together every week. 😊

So that’s my list — which one are you going to gift a lovely lady in your life (or yourself)?!

Want more? See last year’s gift guides for natural beauty, self-care, women who love to cook, love to eat and more!

Please note: Some of the links above are affiliate links, where I earn a small commission through Amazon or the company if you purchase there. I include them in this guide whether they are or not though, because I believe in them so much! You can always purchase directly through the company websites if you prefer, and the cost is the same to you regardless. Thank you for supporting small businesses including Taste of Health!

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