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5 Body-Positive Instagram Accounts
to Follow Right Now

body positive instagram accounts

If you ever struggle with maintaining a healthy body image or self-confidence, today I want to share a little trick that works wonders.

It’s no secret that we’re all bombarded daily by media, magazines and advertisements showcasing what the so-called ideal body looks like. Apps make it impossibly easy to Photoshop images in mere minutes for social media apps like Instagram. We’re swimming in images of airbrushed smiles, dimple-free thighs and flawless skin. Some of it, you just can’t get away from. But you actually have more control than you think.

One of the things I like to do for myself, and occasionally with my clients, is setup social media to our advantage. Meaning, you CHOOSE what you follow on social media. So if you come across accounts that make you feel less-than, do a little social media detox: unfollow them, then replace them with feeds that empower and inspire. Below are just five feeds you can add to your mix.

1. Jenna Kutcher

I absolutely love how down-to-earth Jenna comes across, from shooting make-up free Instagram Stories snuggled up in bed with her puppies, to baring her arms, belly and booty exactly as they are. She said that for years, she cropped her arms out of photos, until one day she just decided NO MORE. Not like she woke up more confident, or with thinner arms, just that she decided she wasn’t going to play that game anymore. She posts inspiring, boss-lady messages on the reg.

2. Raw Beauty Talks

This feed is all about body positivity, regularly showcasing beautiful images with stretch marks, tummy rolls and cellulite. The posts are beautifully done and feature so many inspiring stories about how other women have embraced their bodies. For example, I loved this one by @thebirdspapaya:

“Sometimes I think my journey with self-love was rooted in exhaustion. 
Seriously, I think I was just tired. 
Tired of the time I spent wishing and wanting another body. 
Tired of how it distracted me from the joy of a moment.
Tired of feeling alone, like 99% of us don’t deal with stretch marks and loose skin and cellulite or insecurities.
Tired of feeling like I had to cover up and hide it so I felt more comfortable or so that others felt comfortable.
Tired of comparing myself to someone’s past love.
Tired of competing with my fellow woman.
Tired of feeling anything than an amazing, strong, capable and UNIQUE human.
So maybe that’s all it took. Getting to a place of exhaustion and knowing that the only way to feel renewed was to press the refresh button and start working on a new compassionate outlook towards myself.
And I highly recommend it. It’ll save you a ton of time and energy and put you back where you belong. Which, if all goes well, is in connection and appreciation of YOUR beautiful body.
Can I get an amen?”

3. Aerie

This is a brand, not a person, but I love to give brands some love when they move this direction, and Aerie has been retouching-free since 2014. Plus, the models are all everyday women, so it’s easy to find more body-positive accounts to follow from here. I am a big fan of how Aerie has turned undies from airbrushed booties into natural curves of all shapes and sizes, showing that one kind of size isn’t more real than another — they’re all beautiful, imperfect AND perfect in their own way.

4. My Better Self

This girl just couldn’t get any more gorgeous, and her messages always hit home. I love how she rocks her curves, fair skin and unfussy hair, showing how beautiful natural, confident and comfortable can be.

5. Natalie Borton

This mama and business owner has been rocking body positivity for years, and is candid about her college eating disorder and road to recovery. You’ll also find her talking business and babies, and doing fun outfit try-ons. I appreciate how candid and casual she always is.

– – –

Go follow these inspiring ladies, and comment below if you have any other accounts you love! I also want to know if this makes a difference for you. It’s a process you can repeat as often as you like — unfollowing the accounts that make you feel insecure, and adding in ones that fill you up with positive messages and confidence. There’s a lot in this world that we can’t control, but our social media accounts are one thing we can. So make them work for you, and make sure they ADD to your life instead of detract.

– – –

P.S. If you’re looking to build a better relationship to food and healthy living in general, check out the 28-day mind-body reset, with one simple step each day to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle — mind, body, emotions, and lifestyle.

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