Better Together: How to Support Your Healthy Lifestyle with Your Relationship

healthy eating with spouse

When you’re easing into a healthier lifestyle, it definitely helps to have a partner in crime. You can incorporate healthy activities into your day-to-day life, help each other stay accountable, and keep the momentum going strong when one of you isn’t feeling it. Below are ways you can make healthy living something that isn’t just better for your waistline, energy and confidence — but better for your relationship too.

P.S. If your boo is skeptical about you swapping burgers for broccoli, check out this post about How to Eat Healthy When Your Spouse Doesn’t.


1. Turn meal prep into a weekend date you do together.
Make it part of your Sunday routine to grocery shop and cook together. Maybe you can even grab a healthy lunch at a new restaurant around town to make it something you both look forward to.

2. Make a date night out of cooking dinner together.
Pour some wine, put on some music, and enjoy each other’s company! Services like Sun Basket deliver all the ingredients you need, so you can just follow the recipe and end up with an amazing chef-designed meal 30 minutes later.

3. Plan a healthy picnic together.
Now that the weather is warming up, make the most of it with an old-school picnic! Pack fruit, veggies, nitrate-free salami, olives and hummus. You can bring a few books to read, catch up with each other, people watch or — if you’re like me and my boo — dog watch. 🙂

4. Make a list of healthy restaurants to try together.
Do you ever get into the, “I don’t know, what do YOU feel like for dinner?” back-and-forth debate? If so, check out Yelp or Eater to see what’s around town and make a list. You’ll be able to look forward to checking new restaurants off your list, and always have an answer to what’s for dinner.

5. Share goals with each other.
Goals are more powerful when shared. Let each other know your daily, weekly or monthly goals. You’ll be able to keep each other accountable, and cheer each other on when motivation is running low.

6. Go to a new workout class or do another physical activity for a date.
There are so many activities you can do together. For years, I have tried to have at least one new experience per month. It’s not only fun, but it makes me feel more confident in new and unpredictable situations. When you have a partner in crime, it’s that much more enjoyable to share a new experience together. You could try bike riding, roller blading, kayaking, paddle boarding, hot yoga, dancing, or taking a class like bootcamp, SoulCycle, Flywheel, or OrangeTheory.

7. Sign up for a challenge, race or marathon together.
You’ll both have incentive to stick to a training schedule and get to work toward something together. When you both succeed, you can choose a fun way to celebrate together. Win win. 🙂

8. Contribute to a vacation or big-purchase fund when you hit your goals.
Agree to an amount of money to put in a fund for hitting daily, weekly or monthly goals. Double it if you BOTH hit them! The fund will add up over time, and it will be motivating to see it climb to your reward.

9. Trade off weeks finding a recipe and making each other a healthy meal.
It’s more fun (not to mention easier) when a job is shared. Instead of one of you being responsible for all the cooking or meal planning, try and take turns week-to-week. If you need some recipe inspo, check out the Taste of Health 2018 Summer Meal Plan

10. Ask him to tell you when he notices positive changes.
A little positive reinforcement goes a long way, and it’s not always easy to see the changes in yourself. Ask him to let you know when he notices, just like you would do for him.

Do you do any of this in your relationship? What’s one activity you can incorporate?

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