5 Game-Changing Lessons from Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital

spirit junkie masterclass digital

Welcome! This is part of a series that is all about feeding your soul — how to live a more inspired life. I’ll be sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned from running a business, spirituality, relationships, side hustles, successes, challenges, staying inspired, finding motivation, and everything in between. Because the truth is… food is just one part, really. It’s everything else going on INSIDE that makes a big difference in how you relate to food to begin with, how you feel overall, and how well you can sustain a healthy life you love.

Last week I shared my experience with Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass. I am so passionate about the masterclass because it started a habit for me of taking time daily to connect with my purpose, trust in something  bigger, and serve in a really genuine and inspired way. Here are five things I learned in case you find yourself in a place of transition, or wanting to feel more connected to your life.

1. Always ask: What is this here to teach me?

I am a notorious planner. I love timelines. Checklists. Goals. And I like to anticipate just about every outcome before I set out on a course. But you know what I’ve learned? No lesson goes away until it teaches us what we need to know. And no experience is wasted.

After Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital, instead of getting frustrated by something I thought would or wouldn’t happen, I have learned to practice taking a step back and asking: “What is this here to teach me?” I try to lean into the experience as a student. I try to break the pattern — especially for things that keep emerging over and over again. And I try to remember that what I learn has the potential to heal others, so I might as well soak up all I can in the journey.

It’s not easy. Oof, this is a hard one. It still makes me anxious because it welcomes growth more than comfort. But it helps me to believe that everything is for the highest good. So if the lessons are hard, they’re there for something much bigger and better than I can see in the midst of them.

2. Fear is a sure sign you are relying on your own strength.

Chill has never been my most natural state. I like to get up early, even on the weekends. I spend an inordinate amount of time debating where to eat dinner, let alone major life decisions. I get restless with most TV and start reaching for my laptop, a book, or a podcast. So one of the lines that made a massive difference for me from Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital was that the presence of fear is a sure sign you are relying on your own strength.

I don’t claim to know exactly how whole universe hangs together. But what I do know is that there is freedom and peace in letting go and staying open-handed. This little saying helped me to relinquish my need to have control and to know where everything was going. It gave me permission to trust in something bigger. It reminded me of my purpose in running this business — service to the greater good, not to my own plans or timeline.

3. You have to be in alignment first.

Have you ever done something and had just the smallest gut inkling that it wasn’t the right decision? Yeah… how did that work out for you? If you’re anything like me, that gut tinge is ALWAYS spot on. When I listen to it, things go well. When I don’t… I learn. 🙂

Running a business, it has never felt more important to be in alignment about my decisions. During Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital, I spent 15 minutes every morning starting my day watching a video or reading something that inspired me. And I have done my best to maintain and expand that practice ever since. I say a silent prayer over every email I send that it reaches the right people. I set an intention for my calls with clients. I always ask myself — what’s the real reason I am doing this? And look for the little gut alignment before proceeding.

4. Fall in love with who you are serving.

One of the great things about Spirit Junkie Masterclass is that it’s very business-focused, and there are entire sections devoted to how to grow your business authentically. In fact, the very first thing I ever heard Gabby Bernstein say was, “If it’s about you, it will not work.” She was the first one who taught me to fall in love with who I was serving, before I had ever met a single one of my clients in real life. To imagine them in their kitchens, feeling so proud of making a healthy meal for their family, or to feel their frustration when they couldn’t stop stress eating despite trying so hard. To see them flipping through all the info on the internet, so wanting to find something that would finally work for their bodies and their lifestyles. To picture them waking up full of energy, feeling like they finally have balance and knowing that food will hardly take up any of their mental energy that day.

That perspective has helped me put my clients before any decision I make in business. To stay true to what it’s really all about. To be a better coach, in many ways, because it doesn’t serve people to let them play small, even if it feels less scary to point it out when I see it. To keep it about them.

5.  You always get 5 times what you invest in yourself.

I have always kept a budget. In fact, I have a pretty intense spreadsheet that I actually look forward to keeping everything organized in. So at first, when I saw the price tag on the masterclass, my reaction was, “Gulp.” But after investing in it and several other personal development programs since, even without it feeling financially convenient or easy to do so, I am an adamant believer that the best investment you can make is in your own growth.

A pair of shoes, sure, they’re nice too. But something that changes the way you think, gives you new tools to live your purpose, makes you feel more connected to your life, and shows you how to get out of your own way and tackle challenges like never before… Or heck, just plain inspires you and brings you joy… There’s nothing better. You come out a new person. Your life is changed, because you will meet every future experience with new eyes and abilities.

Tell me below: which lesson resonates most with you?

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