Seriously Upgrade Your Snack Game with Wild Zora

We talk a lot on this blog about ways to upgrade the things you’re already eating to better-for-you versions. It’s the easiest way to gradually increase healthier foods into your diet without having to overhaul everything at once (and make it harder to stick to in doing so). Plus, there are so many incredible swaps out there that it’s kind of fun to discover healthier options for foods you love to eat, but may not have even known existed.

That’s why today I’m so excited to introduce you to a brand called Wild Zora. I discovered them when I was looking for a less processed version of beef jerky, since oftentimes the treatment process introduces so many chemicals, preservatives and toxins. I also recommend them to my clients who like granola bars, but want options without all the sugars that so many snack bars contain. Each Wild Zora package includes:

  • About one serving of organic veggies
  • No grains, gluten, soy, nuts, MSG, chemical additives, added sugar or sweeteners
  • Completely dairy-free ingredients (minus only the parmesan beef flavor)
  • Meats naturally and humanely raised without antibiotics or added hormones

They taste about the same as beef jerky, just a tiny bit softer. (Which I actually prefer, and I’m sure my dentist does too.) 😉 I typically stash a few in my purse or desk drawer so that they’re within reach for an afternoon or on-the-go snack. Flavors include:

  • Grass-fed chili beef with kale, cayenne and apricot
  • Grass-fed parmesan beef with tomato, basil and kale
  • Spicy BBQ beef with tomato, pepper and kale
  • Free-range curry masala turkey with dates, cardamom and spinach
  • Mediterranean lamb with spinach, rosemary and turmeric
  • Taco pork with cilantro, lime and jalapeño
  • Apple pork with kale, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

If you’d like to try them, Wild Zora is offering a special discount to Taste of Health readers! Use code TASTEOFHEALTH at to get 25% off. You can also find them on Amazon at I hope you love them as much as I do!

P.S. This post was sponsored by Wild Zora, after they came across an article where I recommended them as a favorite of mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Taste of Health and the movement for real food, natural meat and pesticide-free produce.

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